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  1. When Will Parents Be Held Accountable?

    In an age when just about everything that has gone wrong is blamed on the teacher, when will we begin to hold parents accountable? Even though principals blame teachers for excessive failing grades, teachers cannot teach a student that is not there. Too many students are not only absent weekly, but are frequently brought to school late by their parent. In addition, they are not absent due to illness, but because the parent decided to take a vacation out of the country, or plan some other type activity that is not school-related. When this happens, it leaves teachers with the challenge of trying to provide make up work that is hardly ever returned or grading a ton of make- up work that was submitted just before grades are due. Furthermore, too many parents are willing to believe that their perfect child did their work timely and the teacher did not want to accept it, when that is so far from the truth. Teachers frequently accept work that is one and two weeks late, and when they simply can't extend the deadline anymore, parents have the nerve to become upset and have no problem asking for even more time. One would think that maybe we should extend the class period pass the 90 minutes allowed. In addition, the grade portal was implemented to inform students and parents of academic progress, but now is being used as a tool to bully and harass teachers into giving a better grade than the student actually deserves. They would rather demand a better grade than sit down with Johnny and review his homework or what he has learned for the day. Countless teachers are even being told when to post grades, and are asking for extra work so that the student can improve grades needed for anything from high school graduation to college admission no matter how late the work is, no matter how much work is due, no matter the burden to the teacher who has to grade the assignments. What example are we showing our kids when parents are allowed to manipulate the grading system? Where is the user agreement that parents should be required to sign regarding grades? What's even more concerning is some parents are trespassing on school grounds and showing up in classrooms demanding impromptu conferences with teachers in the middle of class and tutoring sessions. Where is the regard for the teacher? Moreover, when will parents be made to follow the chain of command when addressing concerns? What is wrong with talking with a teacher first and getting the other side of the story before you make up your mind? Judy doesn't always come to class when you send her to school, she really showed up with a sheer lace blouse that the parent purchased that created a dress code violation, and she failed to complete any work in class while sending text messages on the phone that the parent provided with the unlimited text plan. Nevertheless, teachers know and work with a lot of good parents that care and are working with teachers. We could not do our jobs at all without them. We see the care in the behavior of the children, we see it in their grades, we see it when they visit us to show us their college degrees, and we see it as they start working in the community. All teachers are asking is that there be more accountability from all parents as we try everything we can, including losing sleep and time with our own families, to help educate our children. Please stop blaming all teachers for the shortcomings in the classroom. If parents send a child to school, teachers will teach them. So, if you see a teacher thank them because they are not doing the job for the money because you can never pay enough – they do the job because they really do care. Teachers just need more parents to do their part, so that we can have more success in the classroom.

  2. The Secretary of Education is not responsible for the Sad state of Affairs in Florida schools, that scenario, started under "Old Jeb Bush" it is amazing the damage that one family has done to America....State Educators are the ones for how the schools she be operated, The Feds are in and Advisory position and a support for State schools...BZ

  3. When will we realize that we have ten years now of a "lost generation." Even if well educated parents can't even support themselves. Theidiocy of Republicans has destroyed this country. The solution? Probably isn't one. But blame all you want - you cant get the blood of prosperity from the turnip of widespread poverty.

  4. When did the accusations begin - parents against teachers? There was a time when parents listened, took in comments and spoke with the teacher to help their student. There was mutual respect. We have lost it and we need to regain it because ultimately teachers are there to help students. Remember, it's all about helping students become functional members of our society. Let's work together and listen to each other, not in an accusatory fashion but with understanding, then it becomes a win, win situation for everyone. No one group can do it all. As the saying goes - it takes a village to raise a child.