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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Corruption reins supreme in Tallahassee

Here are the facts, Richard Cochran, the incoming speaker of the house's wife operates a charter school.

She will benefit from a newly passed law that allows charter schools, the lion's share of which are for profit, to access public funds for construction costs after two years rather than three.

Finally even though the public pays this money it will not own the property, nope that will remain in private hands.

Cochran with his hands in the air and saying who me, wants us to believe that this change in the law had nothing to do with benefiting his wife, nope instead its designed to slow down the big for profit charter school companies.

Hey here's an idea how about not giving public money to private companies so they can buy property that the public does not own? 

Don Gaetz all but admits the charter school corruption is rampant in Tallahassee.

From the Tampa Times

They negotiated tougher provisions on charter school capital funding during the final days of the session, including mandates that state money go only to charters owned by the public, nonprofits or groups not connected with charter operations.
Those provisions against "private enrichment" did not make the final bill (HB 7029), which passed the Legislature and awaits Gov. Rick Scott's action.
Many House members lamented the deletion of those proposed regulations. But Gaetz said they could not survive the pushback by "legislators who had personal financial interests, or their families had financial interests in these real estate transactions."

Read that again please.

It's past time we said no to charter schools.

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