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Friday, August 14, 2020

Empowering the voters with knowledge

Empower Jax is an organization known for wanting to strip protections away from LGBTQ people. They fought against the HRO and push an agenda that wants to see gay people shoved back in the closet, and don't take my word for it, take the Times Unions. Oh, and why does this matter? It's because they found their candidate in district 3.

From the Florida Times-Union,

The newly formed group trying to repeal Jacksonville laws designed to protect gay and transgender people from discrimination is tied to a statewide organization known for its anti-gay platform.
Empower Jacksonville is registered with the state as a fictitious name for Florida Family Action, a step businesses take when they want to operate under a different name. Florida Family Action and sister organization Florida Family Policy Council are both led by John Stemberger, a conservative activist and attorney based in Orlando.
They are an astroturf group whose main purpose ist to strip rights away from LGBTQ citizens.
I received a survey from them in Mid July, and after answering a few questions, I couldn't continue because I could see where they were going, and it was a place that I found unacceptable.
Mrs. Pearson, however, must have seen it differently as she just deposited a five hundred dollar check from them, and this continues a disturbing pattern of getting donations from anti-LGBTQ individuals as she also took three thousand dollars from John Rood.
John Rood is responsible for bringing the new classical charter school, and he hired a woman named Erika Donalds, who, among other disturbing and gross things, has publicly said gay people will burn in hell if they do not repent, to run it. 
I have met Mrs. Pearson several times, and she was always pleasant and polite, which begs the question if she does not share their views why do they think she does. I can tell you for a fact I believe in the views of the civic, educational, and labor groups that gave to me. There wasn't one where I said, you know I don't like them but I could sure use some more buttons. 
We must strive to protect all our children regardless of sexual orientation, or at least I believe that.
I just wanted to say in years past, I have covered school board races extensively, but because I am in this one I have tried to just talk about ideas and solutions giving a pass to things that would have generated a red flag and a blog in years past, but this I can't ignore. Some of our most vulnerable students who have and routinely go through so much deserve a school board member who will support them and not seek to strip them of protections or treat them as if they were second class.  
Some more about EmpowerJax
Seeks to repeal the HRO

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