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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Duval's HR director Sonnita Young, shrugs her shoulders at the district losing good teachers.

At a hastily called meeting to explain why some teachers were told they were getting the QEA bonus one day and then not the next, most of the teachers were upset at the answers that the district was giving them.

The very first thing the attendees were told was that nothing would change (later it was implied that it was their own fault for where they found themselves).

One teacher very frustrated said, you know what I can find another job in another district.

Sonnita Young the district's director of human resources matter-of-factly replied, well we lose good teachers all the time.

I wonder if it took restraint from her not to say, well don't let the door hit you where the good lord split ya.

I hope you don't think I am making light of her remarks. These teachers were recruited to transfer or begged to stay at some of our more challenging schools; schools were gains and job security are often in short supply. Just the year before the teacher above was considered one of the best the district has and now at a hastily called meeting they were being told, go ahead and take off we'll get by without you.

These teachers were justifiably and understandably upset at the fact they were told they were getting a bonus one day and then not the next. This frustration was compounded by the district blaming many of them for not checking their my accountability report and saying that mistakes could no longer be fixed. You know because the district has a deadline for fixing mistakes.

Mrs. Young's dismissal of these teachers frustration and her shrugging her shoulders at the possibility of one of our best teachers leaving is indicative of the administration. They don't value nor do they appreciate teachers. All we are to Mrs, Young and the district is easily replaceable cogs.

Mrs. Young is right, we do lose good teachers all the time and she is part of the reason why.


  1. This district is pathetic! "They" bully teachers into submission. Ms. Young should be ashamed of herself. It's obvious she has no respect for teachers and could care less about their feelings. I hope, with all the attention, this messy situation is getting, some of these wrongs will be made right. However, I won't hold my breath because it is DCPS we're talking about.

  2. This was a technical error, compounded by human error. Ms. Young is in a very difficult situation, because she has to represent the district (and the Sup) even when they do really bad and/or dumb things. I really do feel bad for her. This error had nothing to do with her, but there was not much she could say either way.
    It's good to be able to vent. But we need to know all the facts and understand the dynamics behind the scene.

    1. Obviously Mrs. Young reads the blog. ;-)

  3. I'm curious, were you at the meeting that occurred on 4/4? Her demeanor could be described as nothing less than rude. I'd love to know all the facts and dynamics. However, dcps is not very forthcoming. Feel bad for HER...I think NOT. Seriously???

  4. She acts on behalf of your superintendent. I have found her to be a very caring person in the past. Perhaps she is just over having to cover for and make excuses for an administration that does not care at all about the employees. They only care about their next stop on the way up. I am including those who have said this will not be my last stop on the way up...

  5. One of the above said, "This was a technical error, compounded by human error. we need to know all the facts and understand the dynamics behind the scene." That's odd because at the meeting it was stated that it was JUST a human error. Now you're writing that it was also technical. Once again, things don't add up!