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Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Charlotte Joyce sides with rampant homophobe who called for superintendants Greene's arrest

 Charlotte Joyce jumped the shark long ago but it doesn't help she has partnered with noted and raging homophobe and bigot Raymond Johnson. At the 48:30 mark, he calls for the removal and arrest of Superintendent Greene. I wonder if Joyce wants the super arrested as well?

This is who Charlotte Joyce has decided to partner with as she seeks to defend kids from the LGBTQ community and how to defend biblical morality. 

Charlotte Joyce has shown her true colors as she went from clueless to clueless homophobe and bigot. She should not be on the school board, heck she shouldn't be around children at all.

To learn more about Raymond Johnson, click the link,

Sunday, May 22, 2022

It's time we belives Superintendet Greene when she tells us who she is (draft)

 Time and time again, Greene has told us who she is and yet many people don't seem to believe her. She fought against the use of masks, her leadership led to the gutting of protections of LGBTQ children and she joined the Chiefs for Change, Jeb Bush's little club that has led to all the so-called reforms that have kneecapped public education. Time and time again she has put HER welfare above the welfare of the children, teachers, and public education.

A few years back Commissioner Corcoran in a display of misogyny and perhaps racism went after Greene threatening to have legislation passed that would let the state take over schools that didn't perform well on the test du jour. Greene pushed back at the meeting, but since then it has all been how high would you like me to jump.

Then last summer Greene did all she could to make sure we were a mask optional district even overriding the school board on occasion. 

After purposely remaining silent about all the attacks on the LGBTQ community, Greene has now called for the gutting of their protections, siding with the worst of us. 

Then let's talk about her joining the chiefs for change which have pushed school privatization, high stakes testing, blame the teacher evaluations, and an era where teachers weren't treated as professionals but more like easily replaceable cogs.

Any one of these is bad but when taken in their totality shows a pattern of conduct that does not have students' and teachers' best interests at heart. No, instead each one of these ingratiates herself to groups that disrespect, marginalize, and outright want to replace public education.  

I also want to add that Corcoran bragged he had Amy Donofrio fired, something he would have had to coordinate with Greene to do. So much for sticking up for teachers, am I right? 

Greene despite her soft-spoken nature, her "Team Duval" chants, and the year pins her administration passes out during teacher appreciation week, in my opinion, cares about exactly one person, and that's who she sees in the mirror.

We need a superintendent who is going to stand up for children, teachers, and public schools and we don't have that in her. 

Saturday, May 21, 2022

DCPS sides with biggots and homphobes and attack the LGBTQ community (draft)

Florida has been attacking the LGBTQ community for years now, whether it was the trans athlete ban, the "don't say gay" bill, or funding discrimination through vouchers, there can be little doubt about how the state, sorry, Tallahassee feels. How DCPS feels was a little more complicated though there can be little doubt now.

When the trans athlete ban and the don't say gay bills, came out the district was silent, a choice they made despite being pressed to weigh in. Instead of saying something like these bills were unnecessary and they marginalized an already marginalized community, they chose to say nothing. Until they said something, kind of.

I would say Charlotte Joyce turned heal, but it really feels like she has been one since day one and placed a resolution praising the governor and the don't say gay bill on the school board agenda, and this brought the loons and a few earnest people I believe who have just been tricked into believing depravity is happening in our schools, out of the woodwork. Hundreds of them showed up and they all had something they wanted to get off their chests.  

There were hundreds of comment cards and the school board had to listen to their fact-free, often mean, and a fair share of crazy thoughts, for hours. Public comments started close to 7 and last over 6 hours. I have been closely following the school board for years and I had never seen anything like it.

After the last comment, the board then voted 6-1 to table the resolution which effectively ended it.  Some people thought of this as a victory, though the reality is it was more like kissing one's cousin. Sure you git a kiss, but it was your cousin. The bard ould have said, we support our LGBTQ community, and where we plan to comply with the law, it was necessary and cruel. They didn't, in fact, after hours of listening t the worst of us lie, exaggerate, and attack, they didn't do anything, and often doing nothing has consequences.  

In this case, it probably led to the district's gutting of its LGBTQ support guide. 

They got rid of 29 out of 37 pages of the support guide and stripped out all the written protections for transgender students. The gist is now they will take cases on a case by case basis, which means 160 schools will do things in 160 different ways, which seems like a terrible way of doing things but more insidious, teachers and staff will be required to out children who identify as LGBTQ children who for whatever reasons haven't informed their parents, to those parents. Now there can be lots of reasons a child has made that decision but as far as I can tell none of them are good.

This means the district has chosen to side with the state in further marginalizing an already marginalized and vulnerable community. They sided with the worst of us the people who spoke and said horrible things at the school board meeting rather than our students and teachers and shame on them for doing so. 

At some point the district's silence becomes complicity, the thing is the district has now gone beyond silence, and they through their actions have joined with the moms 4 liberty and the other bigots and homophobes looking to force their ignorant and myopic views on the rest of us. That's who "team Duval" has sided with.