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Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Insurretion Barbie, April Carney claims her first victim, DCPS's 20 plus year relationship with JASMYN

 Attacks are coming fast, and furious against Florida's LGBTQ community, and nowhere is that more evident than in Duval County Public schools, where teachers had rainbow stickers scraped off walls and all the protection that LGBTQ children had have been gutted.

Superintendent Greene has been pushing her anti-LGBTQ agenda for months now and if the past is prologue Greene's excuse blaming recent "media" for severing the district's relationship with JASMYN is nothing but an excuse, and it would have happened sooner or later, with emphasis on the sooner with April Carney now on the board. 

Greene sent the email below to district staff. 

The so-called "media" is most likely a piece in the Post Milineal, a far-right faux outrage outfit well-known for taking a string of truth and turning it into a tapestry of lies. To refer to it as media is a stretch to say the truth, but it is without a doubt the type of literature that people like Carney, who still won't confirm or deny if she was at insurrection, come on, real media, don't let her off the hook, consumes, like a fat kid at a buffet.

When you google Post Milineal, this is what comes up.


Hmmm, known for false and misleading stories, why I have the vapors .

So we have an anti-LGBTQ superintendent and don't take my word for it; take her actions, working with a school board member who in all likely hood participated in the insurrection and again don't take my word, take her lack of ones, ending a relationship with an organization that has undoubtedly saved lives and for what?

Shame on both of them and if the reasonable members of the school board let that stand, then shame on them as well. 

Tuesday, November 22, 2022

It is Mike Pompeo and the republican party who spread filth, not teachers

 First, I understand there are many decent republicans who understand how hard it is to be a teacher and the important job that they do, but if they are being silent, if they are allowing all the attacks on teachers and public education to go unchecked, then they are just as bad as the ones spreading the filth. Their silence has gone from complicity to support. 

Asked who the most dangerous person in the world was, former secretary of state and undoubtedly future presidential aspirant Mike Pompeo said Randi Weingarten, president of the teachers union. 

Republicans have been running on demonizing and lying about public education for a couple of years now. When CRT began to lose steam, they pivoted to teachers grooming children to switch their gender identities both under a backdrop of teachers teaching kids to hate their country. 

Irresponsible, egregious, and nothing but lies, and why? To gin up a willfully ignorant fact-free electorate, and they do it so they can assume power, not caring about the damage they do, the lives they kneecap, and sometimes destroy along the way. 

Are there problems in public education? Absafreakinglutely but many of these problems are created by the same people who want to profit off of public education either monetarily or through the acquisition of power and both groups aren't above spreading lies to do so. 

Pompey has the audacity to say, the "filth they are teaching our kids" when the reality, it is he and his party that is spreading filth, that are spreading lies, and that is spreading hate and shame on the so-called good republicans that know this and remain silent. Shame on them all. 

So who really is is the most dangerous person in the world? It is a tie with all the people who would spread lies and demonize others just so they can benefit.