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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Start the Rick Scott Recall

Start the Rick Scott Recall

I get it we don’t like taxes. We think they are to high and the government lights cigars with hundred dollar bills. I get it. The thing is, taxes allow us to do collectively what we can’t do individually and unless you live in a cabin deep in the woods you are part of collectively, part of society and taxes are necessary.

I think taxes are to high for most of us but there are a few who do light cigars with hundred dollar bills that are unaffected by them. These are the people that governor claims we can’t over burden because they create Florida’s jobs. Well friends in case you missed it, where are the jobs, they don’t seem to be creating too many. If it is for this elite class that we give tax loopholes that cost our state billions, then I say we are not getting a very good return on our investment.

What good is it to have low taxes if our children aren’t protected and can’t be properly educated, what good are low taxes if our elderly aren’t taken care of and our rivers become polluted? What good is it to have low taxes, if our parks are closed and our quality of life is eroded? What good is it to have low taxes if our society crumbles down around us? Low taxes I might add that don’t benefit the vast majority of the states citizens. How is your bank account, mine was wiped out two weeks ago when I had to get new tires. I had to make the choice get new tires or get my tooth fixed; do you sometimes have to make similar choices?

Rick Scott through his budget proposal has shown us that the elderly, our children, the disabled, our schools parks and rivers don’t mater much to him. They matter a lot to me and I hope they matter a lot to you too.

The governor won the election after spending 79 million of his own dollars and now he wants the working middle class, our state workers, and our teachers to take a five percent pay cut. I remind you these people are not responsible for where the state finds itself. They show up work hard and educate our children or provide services and Scott wants them not the bankers and fat cats that reap billions in tax breaks through loopholes, to pay for our recovery. Furthermore is this the right time to pull billions of dollars out of the economy with these defacto pay cuts. Most economists would say empathically no.

His solution to the budget seems to be cutting jobs, teacher jobs, park worker jobs, and child welfare jobs among others. He says that through cutting these jobs more jobs will come to Florida. Friends Florida already has one of the lowest tax bases in the whole nation and no personal income tax. If jobs aren’t rushing to Florida now, then diminishing the quality of our education system, harming the environment through deregulation and gutting government services isn’t going to some how miraculously work.

Our low tax rate has been a double-edged sword too. Because our taxes have been so low Florida has been able to keep salaries stagnant, which means as costs rise, the middle class is harder hit here than in other states. How long are we going to sit back and just take it, or be tricked by talking pints or into believing that one day we to might be rich and when that happens why should we pay more taxes. Somebody making a million dollars is not going to suddenly quit, outraged, and take a job in a book store because the government takes half and they now only take home five hundred k.

I know that some of you that voted for Scott did so because it was like voting against Obama. I’ll be honest, I voted for Obama but don’t think, aha you got me and I am just spouting the lefts talking points because I am not a cool aide drinker. I don’t care who comes up with the good ideas as long as they are good ideas and Scott’s budget isn’t just a bad idea it’s a disastrous idea. Jacksonville’s public schools already cut to the bone are about to lose 91 million dollars.

But back to Obama, I am very frustrated and disappointed with him. But that doesn’t mean I thought Florida should pay the price for his policies. You don’t like Obamacare, all right I don’t like it either, but I don’t think our schools and our state parks, our children, elderly and disabled should pay the price for my dislike of it. This is not a republican verses democrat thing; this is a basic decency regardless of your party type thing.

Then does Rick Scott really represent you? Less than half of those that voted actualy voted for him, which means only about a quarter of all eligible voters did. Do you have a child or an elderly relative? Do you have a disabled family member, do you like to go to parks or live near the river? Do you care about the environment, or are worried that the rich are getting richer while you have trouble paying your rent or mortgage or have to decide between a tooth or tires this week? Are you a teacher or a governemnt work? If you answered yes to any one of these questions then just maybe Rick Scott does not represent you.

We want pension reform, sure, we want smaller government, I understand but don’t we also want a Florida that we can be proud of to be a state where we want to live. Let’s phase in pension reforms and lets find and eliminate waste but lets not throw out grandma and the baby with the bath water, which untreated will flow directly into our rivers. Lets tell Rick Scott he better start representing all of us not just the rich and those on the far right or he won’t be representing any of us much longer.


  1. Good article (except for a few typos), But I thought we were going to start the Rick Scott recall. Where is that information? Where is the petition to get him kicked out of office? Where are the links to his office or my representatives. I get the passion, I just don't get the direction I am looking for.

    If you are suggesting a recall, let's get started.....I'm definitely in.

  2. You say "the Governor got elected by spending $79 Million of his own money." You are WRONG ! The Governor was elected by getting the most votes! These votes came from people who are sick and tired of over-taxation & WASTE!

    My .02

  3. I hear what you are saying but you should know about a quater of the possible electorate voted for him he didn't get 50% of the vote and do you think anybody in the prison system/education system, police, firemen and people who care about the enviornemnt or are from Tampa would have voted for him had they known. It was more of a referendum against Obamma than it was a mandate for scott.

    Also isn't he everybodies govenor not just the rabid Tea Parties?

    Nobody likes waste lets get rid of it but lets also keep and improve the services we need. What good is a low tax base if the state crumbles around us.

  4. Maybe some of you should read the fine print on getting the money from the feds for the high speed rail. #1 it dose not come close to paying for the rail only a portion, and if the project fails we have to pay back all the money to the feds. We have already seen one of these rails fail in Florida and it cost us dearly. I don't understand why we as taxpayers have to pay into a pension plan for public employees that far exceeds our own. I believe the real problem is our teachers are incapable of reading any of the provisions and go by what union leaders tell them and not the facts. If you want to do what is correct for the children then insist that all teachers be certified in the grade and subjects they teach and pass re-certification tests every five years.

  5. With high spped ril sure there are some risks but as I understand it private comapines are lining up to take the risk of cost over runs and short falls so thy can manage the rail. As bad as things are right now don't wee roll the dice with this one, get the 2 billion plus and hire 5000 people.

    Pensions, maybe there needs to be reform but isn't that something you do gradualy, a five percent pay cut is going to hurt a lot of people and take billions out of the ecconomy which is what any economist will tell you is the last thing that should hgappen. Also ar you saying civil servants have it so good, and I don't, I want them to hurt like I do? I want theings to be better for you.

    As for certification, what about teach for America, who the charter voucher crowd adore. Teachers now hve to be certifyed in their area and need to garner points 120 every five years to keep their certification, thy get their points through trainings or takeing classes.

    Finaly about the unions, you are misinformed you have bought the hype. If you have read my stuff you wil know I have problems with the local teachers union but it's not because they aren't given us the facts.

    Thanks for commenting, lets have more ciuvil discource in the future. Check out my other blogs about the union and pensions.

  6. Is this a teacher that posted this blog? I certainly hope not. I hope the many grammar and spelling errors are not indicative of Florida's education. If so, our children are screwed.

    Additionally, contributing to your own retirement is NOT getting a pay cut. Welcome to the real world. Those of us in the private sector who have a retirement plan through our employer have always had to contribute to our plan. The majority of us have always had to contribute to our own medical insurance.

    You're not getting any sympathy from this private citizen. Then again, I'm part of the 12% of unemployed Floridians.

  7. So much for civil discource, insult what you don't like much, I am sure your children love that discipline technique.

    Teachers will have 5% less in spending power, that is a cut. There used to a covenant between society and teachers. Society said, we're not going to pay you very well but we will give you good benefits and take care of you when you retire. Sadly society has broken the second part of the deal and kept the first. Teachers just had a big bump in the cost of their medical insurance too, which I guess will make you happy.

    I am sorry things are bad for you but it's a little sickening to me that you wish things were bad or worse for others.

    No comment on the tax loop holes which take billions out of Florida's coffers?

  8. I am a government and union worker. I really don’t understand where all these comments about we are over compensated for our service and that we don’t pay for healthcare or contribute to our retirement. First off I am not bitter about the following, it’s just the facts. All public sector workers are under compensated compared to their private sector counterparts. I am talking about the people that actually do the work not those that are upper management/political. So to compensate for a career that will be far under paid we were promised a stable job and a better than average retirement. So if the Governor wants to “bring my pension inline with the private sector” then he must also bring my pay inline with the private sector. This by the way would cost taxpayers way more than the retirement we currently have. I pay $460 a month for my personal healthcare. I pay $240 a month toward my retirement. I have a co pay when I go to the doctor. I have had my pay cut 18% so far to help balance the budget and prevent layoffs. Now on top of that they want to cut the pension of some by up to 60% and have them increase their contribution by 5%. When you have 10 plus years in a public career you can’t just go get another job if you don’t like the change and take your retirement to the new job like a 401k. You are at the mercy of the politicians and all the financial planning you had based on the promises given are out the window. We created a lemon law to prevent people from getting trapped in a car that turned out to be not as promised and people love that law. Now all government workers are finding out their pension is going to be turned into a lemon and everybody is cool with that?

  9. I think a lot of people feel like you and see the injustice of it... we have to start geting loud though...

  10. Perhaps you should take a look at the facts as to where Florida stands in education as stated in the Florida Center for Fiscal and Economic Policy Jan. 2010.
    # Student achievement (scores on national standardized tests): D-minus.
    # Funding per student (compared to the national average): F.
    # College readiness: F.

    The assessment notes that Florida’s high-school graduation rate is 45th in the country and that the state ranks below the national average in the percentage of young adults with a degree or enrolled in college. Furthermore, studies conducted by Florida’s officials have found that more than half of students entering two-year or four-year colleges in Florida require remediation in mathematics, reading, and/or writing.
    So don't try to tell me what a good job they are doing. Also it was not an attempt to insult you Chris Guierrieri it was merely a comment on your grammar.
    Perhaps if you had a better education or at the least an open mind you would be able to look up the actual facts instead of spouting talking points from someone else.

  11. See now you are talking our education system in my opinion is in a shambles, though Jeb Bush would have you beleive we are on the cutting edge of reform. But what you feel to realize is it's the meddling of politicians and those that seek to destroy public education not the teachers who are the real culprits. I work in a turn around high school, I see the kids we are getting and the kids we are turning out and it's shameful. The solution however is to fix the problems not to blow the system up which is what those that caused most of the problems want.

    I am just a guy with a message next time just try and concentrate on that and we'll get along and maybe find some middle ground.

  12. As a teacher I can tell you the biggest problem with our education system are the parents. As our society degrades and more children are born to unprepared couples and single/teenage mothers the worse it's going to get. Unfortunately this is a cycle many of the children are doomed to repeat.
    Something we've lost sight of is the fact that some children will never be innovators or world changers. I do IQ tests for gifted programs and see the spectrum of ability. What we need to do is prepare children for their "place" in society and there needs to be a place for them and their ability. A child with an IQ of 90 probably won't succeed in college but should be able to work hard and provide for a family. Currently this child is probably doomed to a life of near poverty. We spend great amounts of time trying to improve our 90s and we don't spend enough time preparing our 130s and higher to be the leaders they're capable of being.
    As a teacher I also think we don't get paid nearly enough. I don't support any reduced funding but I'm reserving my judgement until I see more of the facts. We can't spend money we don't have. I do applaud Scott for having the cajones to make tough decisions and I hope they work out.

  13. I don't disagree with a word you wrote about chools, the thing is I don't know how schools fix families and neighborhoods, until we figure out how that happens… in the mean time schools should not make problems worse, do no harm, but how they are set up now they often do...

    The answer should not be to gut public education, it should be, make it work…

  14. Go here and follow the instructions.

  15. I am a resident here in florida, and a registered democrat. Right now we are recalling our crooked mayer, alvarez. i am sick and tired of cleaning up the mess after these corrupt republicans get elected into office. Now we have to recall more republicans because the voters here are stupid. You know what... I don't care anymore. You know why... because the people that voted for these uncaring greedy politicians will pay by losing their jobs and benefits and now I just laugh about it...look at wisconsin...those people are now saying i wish i didn't vote for walker...guess what they voted for him because they are against their losing half their benefits...serves them they got what they deserve... 2012 all these people will vote democrat...these republicans will ruin the tea partiers....ha ha ha

  16. The whole union issue has got to be reframed. People are in high dudgeon over the fact that we get health insurance (and that we don't contribute $ for it--never mind that it all factors into a contract), angry that we get a pension. However, the rightists have managed to convince a great swath of the country that we get something that no one else gets, or ever got. That is patently false. Most in this country did have pensions and affordable health care up until the 1980s. It was then with the introduction of the 401k (meant to be supplementary, not the whole enchilada) that those in the private sector began that long slide to what we have now: no job security, no health care, no retirement benefits, except those 401k plans that you have to shepherd through the changing financial conditions. Those who have only social security and medicare to rely on are (rightly) angry--it's not enough. Poverty among the elderly is on the rise, and will continue to do so because of these fundamental changes in retirement support. The sad thing is that the issue has been framed as, "These (unionized) people have so much more than I do and I'm not going to take it anymore." It should be, "These unionized people have what we all used to have, and we're going to fight to get it all back." We all should be able to afford to go to the doctor. We all should be able to buy the medicine we need without going broke. We all should be able to retire without worrying that our money will run out before our time does.

  17. Hell Yea Recall This Bum

  18. When Are the 700,000 Jobs Going to start ?????
    No Doubt RECALL This BUM !!!!

  19. No shortage of whiners on this site...OMG....Obama voters all...:"uncaring" folks...Chris Christy, Rick Scott, and other new Republican Governors (and even a Democrat Govenor in New York) are facing the music and trying to fix what BOTH parties have done in the past...I admire their courage and commitment...making the cuts necessary will hurt across the board period...the eldery, the young, "the poor", education, services, healthcare, etc...unions could care less about anyone but themselves...Milwaukee teachers union is a fine example...the city is strapped for cash, so they remove viagra from health benefits and what does the union do? Sue the City...yeah right... it's all about educating children ...

  20. I can't speak to the other states but here in Florida we give billions of dollars away in tax breaks to various individuals and companies. Shouldn't we ask them to pay their fair share before we try and make up the difference on the backs of our children, elderly, disabled, and public sector workers?

    Then if we still need to make cuts lets make cuts, i don't think anybody would argue with that.

  21. Folks - this state has been trying to operate 'on the cheap' more than 12 years now - ever since the arrival of the dreaded Bush man. While there may be some waste at some levels of state government, much of it has been found and eliminated. There is little left to trim. But, what has gone down most, is revenue - tax collections. First we gave the wealthy a break by eliminating the intangibles tax. We still continue to allow too many exceptions to collections of sales tax. The economy tanked, so taxes collected on real estate sales are way down as are sales taxes from the general public who are now out of work and don't have the income to spend like they did. We allow millionaire golfers and basketball players to live in Florida and pay no income taxes. They don't care if the schools are lousy because they can afford private schools and tutors. Oh, and let's not forget their attempt at some more revenue by raising fees for licenses and registrations and the like - which hurt the lower and middle class folks a lot harder than the wealthy. And yet the stupid people of this state elected Rick Scott - who will just give more breaks to the wealthy and further hurt the little guys. A CEO knows only one way to run a business - cut salaries, lay off employees, and pat himself on the back with a bonus. Folks, you get what you pay for - and sometimes that means increasing taxes a bit. Look at any of those 'best to live in' cities that pop up on the internet from time to time. They all have one thing in common - more education spending, more spending on infrastucture and maintenance of the quality of life, and yes folks, more taxes - and very expensive ones on the wealthy. That's why all the millionaires come to Florida folks. Sorry, but it is time for them to start helping.

  22. Are you sick of highly paid teachers?

    Teachers' hefty salaries are driving up taxes, and they only work 9 or10 months a year! It's time we put things in perspective and pay them for what they do - baby-sit!
    We can get that for less than minimum wage.

    That's right. Let's give them $3.00 an hour and only the hours they worked; not any of that silly planning time, or any time they spend before or after school. That would be $19.50 a day (7:45 to 3:00 PM with 45 min. off for lunch and plan-- that equals 6 1/2 hours).

    Each parent should pay $19.50 a day for these teachers to baby-sit their children. Now how many students do they teach in a day...maybe 30? So that's $19.50 x 30 = $585.00 a day.
    However, remember they only work 180 days a year!!! I am not going to pay them for any vacations.
    LET'S SEE....
    That's $585 X 180= $105,300
    per year. (Hold on! My calculator needs new batteries).

    What about those special
    education teachers and the ones with Master's degrees? Well, we could pay them minimum wage ($7.75), and just to be fair, round it off to $8.00 an
    hour. That would be $8 X 6 1/2 hours X 30 children X 180 days = $280,800 per year.
    Wait a minute -- there's
    something wrong here! There sure is!
    The average teacher's salary
    (nation wide) is $50,000. $50,000/180 days
    = $277.77/per day/30
    students=$9.25/6.5 hours = $1.42 per hour per student--a very inexpensive baby-sitter and they even EDUCATE your kids!) WHAT A DEAL!!!!

  23. The main question one needs to ask is why did Florida voted for this guy in the first place. A guy who has never held an government office and is being sued by the STATE OF FLORIDA for fraud. He was in court to testify while he was running for governor. That is the main root of the problem.

  24. Rick Scott’s budget proposal

    • During his campaign and his first month in office, Governor Scott promised education funding would not be cut, but his budget cuts education by 10% – billions of dollars.

    • These funding cuts will certainly result in layoffs throughout our schools, for teachers and other school employees, more privatization, and will lead to the loss of thousands more jobs throughout the state.

    Teacher quality

    • The new “teacher quality” bill, SB 736, is this year’s version of SB 6, and raises many of the same concerns.

    • The legislation increases the number of tests that must be developed and given to every student every year – and shifts millions of dollars to pay for these new tests. It will tie teacher salaries directly to student tests.

    • SB 736 allows all new teachers – regardless of rating – to be fired without a reason or a hearing.


    • Tallahassee wants to take 5% out of the paychecks of teachers and school and public employees – not because the pension fund is in trouble, but so they can spend the money elsewhere, including tax cuts for corporations. These proposed pay cuts will harm small businesses and local economies all over Florida.

    • Pensions for teachers and education staff are very modest, and are taxable. Teacher pensions average about $325 per week, and other school employees get much less – about $195 per week. Teachers and education employees earn these modest pensions through decades of public service.

  25. "But I thought we were going to start the Rick Scott recall. Where is that information? Where is the petition to get him kicked out of office?"

    I understand the WI constitution allows a recall only after an official has been in office for a year. That's not until 2012. Can't do much now.

    Though several of the GOP legislators backing Walker *have* been in office long enough to maybe qualify already for recall. But that has to start within their district. You could always find out if one of your reps can be recalled and, well, start a petition. I would love to sign but I'm not in WI and I don't count.

    "You say "the Governor got elected by spending $79 Million of his own money." You are WRONG ! The Governor was elected by getting the most votes! These votes came from people who are sick and tired of over-taxation & WASTE!"

    Because education is *such* a waste. Screw the future, gimme my tax break now!

    Oh and I hear the county where Walker tried this kind of stunt not only had to to rehire everybody but had to pay back wages and he left them in worst financial shape than when he got there.

    When are you types going to figure out that the "anti-tax", "anti-spending" thing is a scam? Walker's trying to depress wages for the Kochs benefit and sell off your state assets with "no bid" sales. Near as I can tell, the bill would give him the power to sell WI state assets to the Koch energy concerns for... a dollar?

    You're being looted. It's not about saving *you* money. It's about saving corporations money.

    At *your* expense.

  26. Currently there is no recall proceure. A bill is amking it's way through the house to put one in but I am not optimistic. If that doesn't work we have to change the Florida Constitution...

  27. Wah, wah, wah! What a bunch of little babies you are. Let's see, the people who actually PAY your salaries are losing their jobs. The people who actually PAY your salaries are having to take jobs that pay a lot less than what they were earning. The people who actually PAY your salaries actually CONTRIBUTE to their retirement programs. You people moan and groan and pick up the pitchforks against Scott because you are outraged and you feel you are immune from any pain associated with this rotten economy. Go cry me a river. You people should feel lucky to just have a job! Recall Scott, yeah, and replace him with some idiot that wants to "sink" this state even further into debt. Hey, do us all a big favor and boycott, like they did in Wisconsin. Then, Scott can fire all of you and replace you with people who actually care more about the kids than their crappy unions.

  28. I love it when billionaire bankers comment on my blog. The state gives away billions in tax loopholes, close them then come after my pension and you will find me more reseptive to helping.

    yes rick scott cares so much about our children he seeks to cut billions from education. Friend we are already 50th in spending before any cuts.
    The last poster has been tricked.

  29. First, Chris, if you are an educator then perhaps this is the reason Scott wants to tie your job performance to your pay.

    It's "receptive" and not "reseptive."

    Secondly, I really wish I were a "billionaire banker" and not the wife of a middle-aged man whose income from retail sales is down some 45% from four years ago.

    I really wish I weren't a middle-aged woman who lost her job due to down-sizing, as a result of this crappy economy, and now has to work two part-time jobs, making a ton less, in order to keep paying the bills and your salary and pension.

    I really wish my house hadn't dropped a ton in value during the past three years as I watch my property taxes go up and up.

    I really wish my grocery bill and the gas I put in my car wasn't going up, too.

    However, all this "is" going on in my world, while I continue to pay for your salary and your pension.

    That's just the way it is.

    Hey, I am all for closing those billions in tax loopholes. In fact, I think we need to gut our entire tax system and replace it with a consumption tax only, as in the Fair Tax, not a value added tax which would be in addition to the current tax system.

    Not a flat tax, which would simplify the current code but would still keep the IRS and all the other forms of taxation such as business taxes, etc.

    The Fair Tax means no income taxes, no business taxes, no inheritance taxes, no IRS and its bloated bureaucracy, no offshoring of corporate taxes, no more tax attorneys who are paid very well for finding those fatcat loopholes, and no more Washington insiders writing pages and pages of tax laws to favor the rich.

    Just an open and transparent system that returns the power of taxation back to the people based on their purchase decisions. Bye-bye Washington.

    This is just one tax, paid on new items only, and collected by each state.

    Say hello to trillions in U.S. personal and corporate assets currently parked offshore ... some 11 trillion dollars worth... coming back into our economy giving it a tremendous shot in the arm.

    Say hello to leveling the playing field so "everyone" pays this tax, unlike the nearly 50% who pay no income taxes at all.

    This tax will be progressive and have a prebate, each month, for those below or at the poverty level for income.

    Say hello to all those foreign companies who will just love to set up shop here and invest in our economy because they won't have to pay any taxes.

    As a result, there will be a ton more money for the things we really need, like money for education.

    No more spending cuts.

    There's a whole bunch more to like, certainly not the least being the ability to take home your entire paycheck every single week.

    No tricks, just treats.

    Check it out at

  30. I get these comments periodicaly, you can't spell, your grammar isn't the best. I won't get into my personal trials and tribulations but its apparent those are not my strong points but it shouldn't take away from the message and when you start by making fun of me it makes me not want to read what you have to say. This is unfortunate because I am all about finding the middle ground.

    Close the loopholes, let me share with billionaire and millionaires the probblem and I won't complain about the govt. coming after my pension... until then lay off...

    sorry if my spelling and grammer were bad..

  31. I Still Cannot Seem To Find Even 1 Of The 700,000 Jobs He is Creating,, Are They Here !!! He Really Needs to Be Recalled !!!

  32. Sign the petition to get rick scott out of office at “”

  33. Re. education: Take away cell phones from students when they walk into the classroom and let them pick them up as they leave. I will bet grades will improve. Please do not think teachers can fight this by having good classroom management. Teachers are supposed to walk around the room to help students and they do not have 360 degree vision. In addition there are now ring tones which older ears cannot hear. Secondly, when students are doing homework, particularly when concentration is required, the music needs to be off. As much as students say they can concentrate better listening to Jay-Z they cannot.

  34. Here's a website for a petition

  35. Teachers do not get paid in the summer, Their jobs are harder then ever because the lack of family values and now Scott is going to hurt them further. There will be no more great teachers or cops or firemen because Scotty boy is playing with their hard earned money and giving it all to his rich pals. When are you people going to wake up and see this man for what he truly is a crook who will destroy Fl. Get him out now. Fight to get this nut out of office. If enough people petition to get him out we might have a chance to save Fl. He needs to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Boy there is a lot of liberal versus conservative stuff on comments. A lot of name callin and heat.

    If Rick Scott is doing a good job or a poor one surely we can look at that straight up without putting on colored glasses.

    I nearly fell off my chair when I saw a Rick Scott add on TV back before the election. His past with Columbia HCA and its massive medicare and medicaid fraud, I would have thought would make his election impossible.

    What does that have to do with conservative or liberal?

    The proposed cuts to education in our state making students and teachers and parents pay for Wall Streets mistakes is conservative? Why wont this guy stand up for Floridians instead of hurt them?

    No I think Rick Scott is not worth keeping on another hour.

  37. Please when are we going to start getting serious about getting this dead beat crook out of office. This State can not handle this man until 2014. Something has to be done we have to make our voices heard
    Mirtha Duque

  38. This man should be removed from office, immediately! He never should have been elected to begin with! First off, he's an out and out crook, that paid a huge fine to keep from going to jail! He told the people of Florida that he was going to destroy the state. And the uneducated idiots in the rural and poorly educated right wing areas of this state, elected him Govenor. And how much did he win by? Why? Because, the more qualified opponent, with a much more solid, political history and background, was boring and not exiciting.

    Whereas Rick Scott was someone you could have a beer with. What a way to elect our Govenor. On her looks and his personality. Forget about his Medicare fraud. Or his lack of experience in Govenoring. His questionable business ethics. Let's make him Govenor of Florida! Forget about his diverting all the so called waste from our Public schools, into all his friends construction and development projects. Such as the tunnel now being constructed on I-395. The one that 80% of the trucks cannot use. And the same tunnel, that caused Norman Braman to start a recall on the Mayor's of the City of Miami and Dade County. Thank Goodness for Norman! Just to show that this isn't a Republican vs. Democrat issue. The Mayors were both Democrats. And I was thrilled when they were booted out! And the only reason Mr. Braman won't do the same for this moron of Govenenor, is because of Mr. Bramans allegiance to the Republican party. Which is really, too bad! This man has to go, before what he calls wasteful spending, ends up in the pockets and bank accounts of his good and greedy friends and business assoicates.
    Rick Scott has the lowest approval rating of any Govenor ever elected in the history of the U.S. And his obvious lies in radio and television interviews are enraging. Some of us are educated, graduated high school or went to college. We're not all brain dead, rednecks!

    Without a doubt, Florida must have the stupiest, uneducated people in the entire U.S., next to Alaska of course. And he wants to pull all the money out of Public education. So, that our children really area dumb and can't compete at all? Well, I guess we must need allot of people to pick up all littering of trash off the highways and streets? Because, that's all they'll be educated to do! Does Rick Scott care? Hell no! There not his kids! What does he care? His kids go to very best private schools! Recall Rick Scott! Before we have nothing to build on! And I'm in Construction. I have nothing to do with education or the profession of teaching! I just can't stand to see a real theif taking advantage of the poor and middle class for his own personal gains! Re-Call or Impeach Rick Scott! Now!