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Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Charlotte Joyce sides with rampant homophobe who called for superintendants Greene's arrest

 Charlotte Joyce jumped the shark long ago but it doesn't help she has partnered with noted and raging homophobe and bigot Raymond Johnson. At the 48:30 mark, he calls for the removal and arrest of Superintendent Greene. I wonder if Joyce wants the super arrested as well?

This is who Charlotte Joyce has decided to partner with as she seeks to defend kids from the LGBTQ community and how to defend biblical morality. 

Charlotte Joyce has shown her true colors as she went from clueless to clueless homophobe and bigot. She should not be on the school board, heck she shouldn't be around children at all.

To learn more about Raymond Johnson, click the link,

Sunday, May 22, 2022

It's time we belives Superintendet Greene when she tells us who she is (draft)

 Time and time again, Greene has told us who she is and yet many people don't seem to believe her. She fought against the use of masks, her leadership led to the gutting of protections of LGBTQ children and she joined the Chiefs for Change, Jeb Bush's little club that has led to all the so-called reforms that have kneecapped public education. Time and time again she has put HER welfare above the welfare of the children, teachers, and public education.

A few years back Commissioner Corcoran in a display of misogyny and perhaps racism went after Greene threatening to have legislation passed that would let the state take over schools that didn't perform well on the test du jour. Greene pushed back at the meeting, but since then it has all been how high would you like me to jump.

Then last summer Greene did all she could to make sure we were a mask optional district even overriding the school board on occasion. 

After purposely remaining silent about all the attacks on the LGBTQ community, Greene has now called for the gutting of their protections, siding with the worst of us. 

Then let's talk about her joining the chiefs for change which have pushed school privatization, high stakes testing, blame the teacher evaluations, and an era where teachers weren't treated as professionals but more like easily replaceable cogs.

Any one of these is bad but when taken in their totality shows a pattern of conduct that does not have students' and teachers' best interests at heart. No, instead each one of these ingratiates herself to groups that disrespect, marginalize, and outright want to replace public education.  

I also want to add that Corcoran bragged he had Amy Donofrio fired, something he would have had to coordinate with Greene to do. So much for sticking up for teachers, am I right? 

Greene despite her soft-spoken nature, her "Team Duval" chants, and the year pins her administration passes out during teacher appreciation week, in my opinion, cares about exactly one person, and that's who she sees in the mirror.

We need a superintendent who is going to stand up for children, teachers, and public schools and we don't have that in her. 

Saturday, May 21, 2022

DCPS sides with biggots and homphobes and attack the LGBTQ community (draft)

Florida has been attacking the LGBTQ community for years now, whether it was the trans athlete ban, the "don't say gay" bill, or funding discrimination through vouchers, there can be little doubt about how the state, sorry, Tallahassee feels. How DCPS feels was a little more complicated though there can be little doubt now.

When the trans athlete ban and the don't say gay bills, came out the district was silent, a choice they made despite being pressed to weigh in. Instead of saying something like these bills were unnecessary and they marginalized an already marginalized community, they chose to say nothing. Until they said something, kind of.

I would say Charlotte Joyce turned heal, but it really feels like she has been one since day one and placed a resolution praising the governor and the don't say gay bill on the school board agenda, and this brought the loons and a few earnest people I believe who have just been tricked into believing depravity is happening in our schools, out of the woodwork. Hundreds of them showed up and they all had something they wanted to get off their chests.  

There were hundreds of comment cards and the school board had to listen to their fact-free, often mean, and a fair share of crazy thoughts, for hours. Public comments started close to 7 and last over 6 hours. I have been closely following the school board for years and I had never seen anything like it.

After the last comment, the board then voted 6-1 to table the resolution which effectively ended it.  Some people thought of this as a victory, though the reality is it was more like kissing one's cousin. Sure you git a kiss, but it was your cousin. The bard ould have said, we support our LGBTQ community, and where we plan to comply with the law, it was necessary and cruel. They didn't, in fact, after hours of listening t the worst of us lie, exaggerate, and attack, they didn't do anything, and often doing nothing has consequences.  

In this case, it probably led to the district's gutting of its LGBTQ support guide. 

They got rid of 29 out of 37 pages of the support guide and stripped out all the written protections for transgender students. The gist is now they will take cases on a case by case basis, which means 160 schools will do things in 160 different ways, which seems like a terrible way of doing things but more insidious, teachers and staff will be required to out children who identify as LGBTQ children who for whatever reasons haven't informed their parents, to those parents. Now there can be lots of reasons a child has made that decision but as far as I can tell none of them are good.

This means the district has chosen to side with the state in further marginalizing an already marginalized and vulnerable community. They sided with the worst of us the people who spoke and said horrible things at the school board meeting rather than our students and teachers and shame on them for doing so. 

At some point the district's silence becomes complicity, the thing is the district has now gone beyond silence, and they through their actions have joined with the moms 4 liberty and the other bigots and homophobes looking to force their ignorant and myopic views on the rest of us. That's who "team Duval" has sided with. 

Saturday, April 23, 2022

Let’s critically think about the right’s grooming canard

 Let’s critically think about the right’s grooming canard

The right thinks teachers and somehow Disney are grooming children to be gay or trans, or maybe gay/trans, it’s hard to get a full measure.  Right there rational people should think well that’s dumb, but it gets even dumber if you apply any iota of thought to the idea.

They seem to believe that once kids go to school their teachers spend at least some part of the day trying to convince little Suzy she is really little Johnny and little Johnny vice versa. They are doing this by somehow incorporating switch your gender problems into math lessons?  Wait did I get that right? Anyhoo, or by putting rainbow stickers on walls, or reading age-inappropriate books or talking about their wives if they are women or husbands if they are men because nobody is single or straight that teachers K-3? Is any of this making any sense?

Then they must tell the kids, shh don’t tell your parents what you learned today. These parents must believe that their children have been lying to them when asked about their day and were told they learned about the hungry-hungry hippo or rhymed cat with sat. I mean wouldn’t that have to be how it is? If that’s happening it means teachers have Svengalis-like powers and rather than having kids not pick their noses, pull pigtails, or a million other things they have joined the trans/gay alliance? Conspiracy? Something/whatever to make kids trans/gay for some as far as I can tell an undetermined reason? (sic)

Which begs the question what is that reason? Why do teachers and again Disney want children to be trans/gay? Is it because they dress better, have better hygiene, and look fabulous? My wife suggested it’s because they will all grow up to be democrats and you know all teachers are all (socialist) democrats and want more. I mean doesn’t that make as much sense as anything the right is saying? Though I wonder if that is the goal maybe there is an easier way than having millions of kids go against their natures and switch genders, you know like pointing out how bat sh*t crazy the right has become.

So let’s recap what the right seems to be saying. Teachers are trying to turn kids trans and gay for some undetermined reason and they have special kid convincing powers that override anything any parent could do and that’s the most important thing on teacher plates, in fact, they do it so much that we need laws to make sure that they don’t.

I mean what part of this makes any &%#$ing sense?  

Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Shame on the superintendent and school board, shame on them all.

 I am a public-school teacher in Duval County and I am finishing my 22nd year and quite frankly I am disgusted by the lack of leadership from Superintendent Greene and the school board.  

This past legislative session, the Woke Act, which changes how the teaching of history is done, eliminating many of the more uncomfortable aspects of it and the Don’t Say Gay bill, which both attacks the LGBTQ community and allows individual teachers to be sued if they dare teach something a parent doesn’t like were passed. Both will fundamentally transform public education and not for the better and the super and board were silent about both. 

Then the governor’s press Secretary Christine Pushaw accused public education of being full of teachers grooming children for sexual purposes and the superintendent and school board were silent. 

Shortly thereafter the entire right-wing ecosphere picked up on this and public-school teachers whose only crime has been a willingness to be there for all of their students have been accused of and called vile things and the school board and superintendent have been silent. 

This culminated with Fox News Host Tucker Carlson calling for “men to storm into schools and thrash the teacher”. Carlson is not some fringe person, he is as mainstream as it gets and even after he called for violence, the superintendent and school board have remained silent. 

As bill after bill that attacked public education was passed, they remained silent and after attack, after attack instigated by people who seek to profit off of education has occurred, they have also remained silent.    

They are allowed to speak up, and in fact, they are obligated to. That is unless their silence is complicity. 

Shame on the legislature and governor for passing needless and divisive bills meant to harm public education. Shame on the right for attacking teachers who already sacrifice so much, and shame on Superintendent Greene and the school board, those individuals who should be fighting for public education and its teachers, for being silent through it all. 

Our schools, our teachers, and most importantly our children deserve better than them all.  

Sunday, January 30, 2022

Why is the DCPS school Board silent as the governor and state legislature batter teachers, students and education?

This is what is happening in Florida, DeSantis, Education Commissioner Corcoran and the republican dominated state legislature are doing all they can to harm public education, teachers, specifically LGBTQ children but by extension, all children and the school board has remained silent. Well friends they are coming for school bards too as there are separate bills to make SB races partisan and then strip them of their salaries, using the saved money to "monitor books" re: ban books.

If the board won't stand up for anybody else, why won't they at least stand up for themselves?

 To read more about Martin Niemoller, click the link

To read more about the bills attacking school boards, click the links


Saturday, January 29, 2022

What is stopping Darryl Willie and Warren Jones from speaking up against bills whitewashing history?

I wonder why our school board hasn't spoken up in opposition to the bills attempting to whitewash history in our schools, especially our African American members Darryl Willie and Warren Jones. It makes my blood boil but to them, all it seems to have generated is a yawn and a shrug.

This bill whitewashes history. It makes the teaching of any subject that might cause somebody uncomfortable feelings the right to individually sue teachers and schools. 

Individual Freedom; Provides that subjecting individuals to specified concepts under certain circumstances constitutes discrimination based on race, color, sex, or national origin; revises provisions relating to required instruction; prohibits instructional materials reviewers from recommending instructional materials that contain any matter that contradicts certain principles; requires DOE to review school district professional development systems for compliance with certain provisions of law.

From Curmudgacation

SB 148 Individual Freedom The bill isn't exactly related individual freedom; it's just the Florida version of the critical race theory bans sweeping pseudo-conservative legislators. This forbids the usual list of naughty "discomforts" for both schools and businesses, so if you're a business owner, it's not your individual freedom that the GOP is concerned with. Also, abstinence education is in, but for some reason, the list of health education subjects hereby eliminates "mental and emotional health." and instead adds a requirement for teaching life skills like resiliency and self-awareness that "support mental and emotional health." Yes, the state legislature will now tell you what mental and emotional health entail.

The individual freedom part arrives at the end, where the bill takes the usual list of anti-crt boiler plate (nobody is inherently racist, meritocracy is fundamental to the pursuit of happiness, no individual is responsible for past bad stuff, no discomfort, etc) are now acknowledged and enshrined in education programs as the "principles of individual freedom." This is kind of mind blowing, but a fine codification of the pseudo-conservative belief that if you are less wealthy and less free than other folks, it's your own damned fault for failing to make good choices. 

There is nothing stopping school board members from speaking out against bills and advocating for our students and teachers, nothing but the will to do so. 

If SB member Liz Andersen doesn't get it, she should go.

 In a Facebook conversation, I have included, below, board member Andersen seems to put her reelection over the needs of her constituents, accuses me of being destructive for wanting school board members to advocate for schools, and points to some mysterious and undefined activities as proof she is out there working. Andersen who I believed in so much I donated 800 dollars, more than one week of my teacher salary to when she ran in 2018, either doesn't understand what is happening with education in the state, doesn't care, or is complicit. 

In her first message, responding to a post about a press release the district put out saying the board does not comment on pending legislations she says " sit in nonpartisan roles, and keeping doors open to be able have important conversations on both sides of the aisle."

This is ridiculous, we desperately need our board members to be partisan, and not for the republican party or the democratic party, but for education. We need board members who believe in and support it wholeheartedly.  I talk about the republican party and their attacks on public education all the time, but that's because they are all the time attacking public education, but I have pointed out democrats that have done it too. In 2012, Obama because of his destructive education policies I had to look hard elsewhere. I ended up voting for Obama but it wasn't easy. 

Then what conversations could she be having on both sides of the aisle?

I can imagine it now, 

Andersen- I want to thank both parties for meeting with me.

Democrats- yes of course we believe in education what can we do to help.

Republicans- sure, but you have to know we are going to marginalize, the LGBTQ community, whitewash history, kill the teaching profession, and drown public education in the bathtub if we can.

Andersen- thank you for meeting with me.   

She can pretend the republican party isn't destructive, she can pretend they aren't doing all they can to harm the teaching profession and public education and she can pretend that the Republicans in the legislature don't have a bill that would make school board races partisan, but that's all she would be doing, pretending. 

In her next comment, she says she has no problem taking a position on education issues and says I am being destructive. I AM BEING DESTRUCTIVE?!? Um, not Tallahassee, with the don't say gay bill, their whitewashing of history, the onerous restrictions put on teachers and unions, but me, I am the one being destructive.

Then when asked about these supposed positions, where I asked her to prove me wrong, she even refused to comment on in the Facebook exchange, presumably because she wants to keep them secret???, and instead of saying, I don't think the don't say gay bill is good and the whitewashing of history is bad, she said, "I  don’t feel compelled to lay out my call logs or calendar to prove anything to you. I know the work I do day in and day out (and sometimes in the middle of sleepless nights)."

She may know the work she does, but nobody else seems to.

But out of all this, the thing I felt was most distasteful was where she seemed to put her political aspirations above the needs of children, teachers, and public education.  "It is an election year- so maybe you’ll get what you want and I’ll be out… I guess time will tell if that will work out better for you, our kids, schools, or public Ed."

The thing is what I want is for her to do her job, no more no less.

Then if it wasn't an election year, would she be doing more? If she was in a second term, would she then be speaking up? Friends, it shouldn't matter if it is an election year or not, it shouldn't. Right is always right, not just when it doesn't affect one's political aspirations. 

Andersen currently has two opponents, both of whom would be a disaster, but the thing is, she replaced Scott Shine who was a disaster, one we survived, and in her primary race last time she ran, there were other good candidates, Shannon Beckham and Casey Ayers, and there have been other people emerging as education advocates, like Katie Hathaway,  any of who could make sure the seat was held in competent hands if Andersen continues to refuse to do her job. 

Furthermore, I would rather know a board member is a disaster, rather than constantly scratch my head thinking they know better and why aren't they doing anything.    

Am I asking too much? Is expecting SB members to advocate for and educate about education issues crossing a line? If it is let me know. I desperately want to be wrong about Andersen and the rest of the school board. I want people to go Chris you blew that one. 

I do want to point out that as disappointing as Andersen has been, she has plenty of company on the school board. Not one has stepped up and led, not one has fought for our schools, teachers, and students. Not a single one.

Elizabeth Koning Andersen

Just for clarification, this statement is from the District spokesperson regarding a position from the District. It would be inappropriate for the District to take a political position. Additionally, the SB does not take a position as a Body unless the issue is discussed publicly and agreed on- which is why we typically set a platform ahead of session.
With that said, individual BMs, like myself, work our own channels and advocacy networks as the session rolls, but this may not always be loud. As you know we sit in nonpartisan roles, and keeping doors open to be able have important conversations on both sides of the aisle is important.
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  • 14h
  • Chris Guerrieri
    Elizabeth Koning Andersen not to be crass and with all due respect but that's bull shit. You and the rest should be out publically advocating for public education and educating the public about how disastrous these Bill's are. Whatever back channeling you may have done has failed. Its past time for you and the rest to step up, and if you dont shame on you.
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  • Chris Guerrieri
    Elizabeth Koning Andersen if you aren't going to take a position on banning books, the marginalization of LGBTQ children, the white washing of teaching and all the attacks on teachers them what good are you, why are you there? You should resign?
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    • 13h
    • Elizabeth Koning Andersen
      Chris Guerrieri I have no problem taking a position on these issues- Nor have I sat idly by during my term silent or complicit. Your accusations are insulting and wildly inaccurate. The broad strokes you take criticizing me personally and the Board in general are reckless and sow far more discord and damage than good. There is a war to win and you spend your time cutting at those of us fighting in the battles.
      It is an election year- so maybe you’ll get what you want and I’ll be out… I guess time will tell if that will work out better for you, our kids, schools, or public Ed.
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      • 13h
    • Chris Guerrieri
      Elizabeth Koning Andersen if I am wrong point me to what you have done, where are your town halls, where are your op-eds where are your letters to the editor, where are your public positions against what is happening, where is anything? Show me and I will gladly recant everything. I want to be wrong. I will wait, but I won't wait long.
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    • Elizabeth Koning Andersen
      Chris Guerrieri I don’t feel compelled to lay out my call logs or calendar to prove anything to you. I know the work I do day in and day out (and sometimes in the middle of sleepless nights).
      At the moment I need to get back to prepping for a private event this weekend, but if you’d like to host a chat with any advocacy groups that you belong to, I’d be happy to come join you.
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      • 12h
    • Chris Guerrieri
      Elizabeth Koning Andersen the first part of your response is disappointing and unconvincing.