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Saturday, April 23, 2022

Let’s critically think about the right’s grooming canard

 Let’s critically think about the right’s grooming canard

The right thinks teachers and somehow Disney are grooming children to be gay or trans, or maybe gay/trans, it’s hard to get a full measure.  Right there rational people should think well that’s dumb, but it gets even dumber if you apply any iota of thought to the idea.

They seem to believe that once kids go to school their teachers spend at least some part of the day trying to convince little Suzy she is really little Johnny and little Johnny vice versa. They are doing this by somehow incorporating switch your gender problems into math lessons?  Wait did I get that right? Anyhoo, or by putting rainbow stickers on walls, or reading age-inappropriate books or talking about their wives if they are women or husbands if they are men because nobody is single or straight that teachers K-3? Is any of this making any sense?

Then they must tell the kids, shh don’t tell your parents what you learned today. These parents must believe that their children have been lying to them when asked about their day and were told they learned about the hungry-hungry hippo or rhymed cat with sat. I mean wouldn’t that have to be how it is? If that’s happening it means teachers have Svengalis-like powers and rather than having kids not pick their noses, pull pigtails, or a million other things they have joined the trans/gay alliance? Conspiracy? Something/whatever to make kids trans/gay for some as far as I can tell an undetermined reason? (sic)

Which begs the question what is that reason? Why do teachers and again Disney want children to be trans/gay? Is it because they dress better, have better hygiene, and look fabulous? My wife suggested it’s because they will all grow up to be democrats and you know all teachers are all (socialist) democrats and want more. I mean doesn’t that make as much sense as anything the right is saying? Though I wonder if that is the goal maybe there is an easier way than having millions of kids go against their natures and switch genders, you know like pointing out how bat sh*t crazy the right has become.

So let’s recap what the right seems to be saying. Teachers are trying to turn kids trans and gay for some undetermined reason and they have special kid convincing powers that override anything any parent could do and that’s the most important thing on teacher plates, in fact, they do it so much that we need laws to make sure that they don’t.

I mean what part of this makes any &%#$ing sense?  

Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Shame on the superintendent and school board, shame on them all.

 I am a public-school teacher in Duval County and I am finishing my 22nd year and quite frankly I am disgusted by the lack of leadership from Superintendent Greene and the school board.  

This past legislative session, the Woke Act, which changes how the teaching of history is done, eliminating many of the more uncomfortable aspects of it and the Don’t Say Gay bill, which both attacks the LGBTQ community and allows individual teachers to be sued if they dare teach something a parent doesn’t like were passed. Both will fundamentally transform public education and not for the better and the super and board were silent about both. 

Then the governor’s press Secretary Christine Pushaw accused public education of being full of teachers grooming children for sexual purposes and the superintendent and school board were silent. 

Shortly thereafter the entire right-wing ecosphere picked up on this and public-school teachers whose only crime has been a willingness to be there for all of their students have been accused of and called vile things and the school board and superintendent have been silent. 

This culminated with Fox News Host Tucker Carlson calling for “men to storm into schools and thrash the teacher”. Carlson is not some fringe person, he is as mainstream as it gets and even after he called for violence, the superintendent and school board have remained silent. 

As bill after bill that attacked public education was passed, they remained silent and after attack, after attack instigated by people who seek to profit off of education has occurred, they have also remained silent.    

They are allowed to speak up, and in fact, they are obligated to. That is unless their silence is complicity. 

Shame on the legislature and governor for passing needless and divisive bills meant to harm public education. Shame on the right for attacking teachers who already sacrifice so much, and shame on Superintendent Greene and the school board, those individuals who should be fighting for public education and its teachers, for being silent through it all. 

Our schools, our teachers, and most importantly our children deserve better than them all.