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Monday, April 18, 2016

Superintendent Vitti says the district doesn't have enough resources to protect children but has plenty to go after teachers.

Recently on the First Coast Connect radio program when asked why the district, unlike other districts isn't pushing back against charter schools which have more than doubled under Vitti's watch and as a group don't perform as well as the city's public schools, he said it boiled down to resources, and do you want to spend the resources fighting those battles.

Well it seems like he doesn't mind spending those resources when it comes to fighting court decisions that over turn district decision to fire teachers.

Once again an appeals court has overturned a district decision to fire a teacher.

This isn't the first time to Vitti has ordered his lawyers not to give an inch to teachers who have fought against their firings and the courts have ordered the teachers reinstated either.

When it comes to teachers there is no quarter given but when it comes to charter schools he shrugs his shoulders and says, what can we do?

I don't want to make any judgements about individual cases, because if a teacher needs to be fired they need to be fired but I also think the contract needs to be followed because if not why have one anyways. The judge in this case says the district didn't and now the super is weighing whether to keep fighting. I just wish he cared as much about our kids to fight just as hard for them. 

The district has a poor reputation when it comes to how it treats its teachers a reputation that Superintendent Vitti routinely reinforces when it loses these cases.


  1. The Donna James case is even more outrageous. She did absolutely nothing wrong.

  2. There are so many cases out there with similar messages. Looks like these people need to band together an get a lawyer!