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Monday, October 16, 2017

WJCT hosting anti-public school event, for shame

Why don't you reserve a seat and go.

WJCT is hosting a showing of School Inc a controversial series that asks why schools are not run like businesses, this Thursday, October 19th at their headquarters downtown. Then stay for the panel, made up mostly of charter school executives, discussion.

Created by the far right Cato Institute, and funded by the Koch brothers School Inc hits all the high notes of privatization while ignoring poverty.

The real question is why public television would show it and I believe you have to look no farther than their donors which locally include Gary Chartrand, and if you think that is sort of like putting the wolf in charge of hen house security then you are not the only one. Trey Csar of JPEF and Daryl Willie of TFA Jacksonville are also on WJCT's advisory board.

I plan to go and if allowed ask tough questions and to try and make sure public education is defended. If you have the time you should too.

1 comment:

  1. Chartrand's foundation does sponsor their education coverage. It says so right on the First Coast Connect homepage. Is anybody shocked that Chartrand & Co.(TFA,JPEF,etc.) would co-opt what is usually considered the last bastion of unbiased news coverage to serve their needs?? This is what happens when state funding for public radio gets cut. I don't blame WJCT for trying to keep their doors open. I blame the system.