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Thursday, December 13, 2018

Jacksonville Public Education Fund tells teachers just find a way.

JPEF had Aaron Bean one of the worst enemies’ public schools and school teachers have ever had, tell a favorite memory of a teacher.

With soulful music playing in the background, he told the story of his dad who worked as a shop teacher for a school that had no supplies. His father first had the kids bring in broken things to fix and then went and begged the community to help with supplies.

This is the story, about teacher out begging for what should be staples that JPEF thought would celebrate teachers. Spoiler alert not much has changed since when Bean's dad taught.

He should have said,  Hi, my names Aaron bean my fondest memory of a teacher is when one had to beg the community for supplies because legislators like me refused to adequately fund his classroom, that would have been honest.  Geeze JPEF so much for thank a teacher. 

The entire system survives because teachers work millions of unpaid hours of overtime and then use their money to shore up the sieve like holes in the budget, because politicians, like Bean won't properly fund it and JPEF just celebrated that on FACEBOOK. The irony is not lost on me.

Hey JPEF was Johnathan Hague charter schools USA CEO or Gary Chartrand not available? No wonder Bean hates public schools so much, he saw his father have to go door to door begging for supplies.   


  1. Oh, JPEF! Instead of ponying up millions for TFA, QEA, and other alphabet soup programs, give the money for basic supplies. #thankateacher in a meaningful way.

  2. Security guards take all of the stuff left in lockers at the end of the year. Why isn't that given to our students the following year, who are economically disadvantaged? I reported it to Professional Standards at the end of the year. You can probably guess the result.

  3. Done with Duval School... I am tired of teachers and administration begging me for money... Going to go online and take education into my own hands to teach my son.....