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Saturday, February 23, 2019

Um, why can’t Tallahassee just give teacher’s raises.

For years’ teachers got bonuses based on if they had high ACT or SAT scores, not on how they did in the classroom.

DeSantis proposed giving some teachers bonuses if they were highly effective and met a few other metrics leaving the vast majority of teachers with nothing.

Now Tallahassee is proposing principals be in charge of giving some teachers bonuses. Anybody else want to spend two minutes and find a dozen problems with that idea?

You know what teachers want? A raise, and they don’t want to have to fight for a bonus something no other public employee has to do.

Halfway through the 17-18 school year there were 700 vacancies. That more than tripled to 2200 in the 18-19 school year. What’s it going to e next year or the year after that, if things continue the way they are?

Do you know what’s not going to stop the exodus? Arming teachers isn’t. Stopping common core, something that all teachers with six years or less experience, i.e. most of them have ever known, isn’t. Continuing its high stakes testing mandate, that destroys creativity and flexibility and the joy or learning and teaching for so many, while exempting private schools that take public money isn’t either and neither is any of the bonus schemes, that come one after another.

Why is this so hard for Tallahassee to grasp? Or is it that they don’t want to, that they want to harm the teaching profession and public education until it goes away and all we are left with is unregulated voucher schools and for profit charter schools.

DeSantis proposed a 9,000-dollar bonus for about 25 percent of teachers, instead why doesn’t he and Tallahassee just give all teachers, or all teachers considered effective and above a 2,500-dollar raise. That’s what the vast majority of teachers and the public want, but of course they don’t want the destruction of the teaching profession and public education either.

This is not rocket science. This is an easy fix if they want it, the problem is the neither the governor nor the legislature seem to want to.  

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  1. Thanks for the stats! What's preventing them from offering a raise is ideology. They are setting up a competitive system without collective bargaining for cost of living increases. Teachers negotiate individually for raises and promotions and get raises by going on the job market.