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Saturday, July 31, 2021

Greene basically says keeping kids safe is not a priority

 If you thought masks kept children safe, that it helped prevent them from getting sick and potentially saved lives, wouldn't you be morally obligated to make sure they wore them? Wouldn't you be morally obligated to do everything you could to protect children's health? Well, nope, not if you are superintendent Greene, to her all that gets is a shrug of her shoulders. 

This is what Greene wrote to district staff:

The governor announced today that he will be issuing an Executive Over to prevent school districts from mandating mask requirements for students.  Had it not been for this announcement, this 30-day mandate would be applied to all PreK-12 students as well and would extend for elementary students when indoors until such time as vaccinations are readily available and families can elect to have their student vaccinated.

Right there, she says she thinks masks would keep kids safe, but because the governor, who I remind everyone, often spreads misinformation about the virus, he has had videos taken down from youtube, doesn't believe in them, she's willing to give them a pass. 

Two things, why would anyone listen to a science denier when making decisions about the health of children, and second, I have to call bull shit on her for writing that. I don't think for a second, even if the governor had done nothing she was going to make kids wear masks, her overall lack of concern about the pandemic, in my opinion, has been manifestly negligent. That, however, shouldn't diminish the fact she basically said, masks save lives, but we are going to pass on them anyways. 

Think about that, she basically wrote, I want kids to have masks, they help save lives, but you know, whatever. That's disturbing, that neglectful, and that's just plain wrong.

Then I want to point out several times in the past, DCPS has sued the state when they thought they were wrong, something they could do again if these emergency orders come out. That's part of doing everything possible to save lives, which to Greene is obviously a bridge too far. 

Her letter overall was her attempting to appear as if she was doing something while practically doing nothing. That isn't leadership; that is a recipe for disaster.

Finally, I want to add, I don't want to wear a mask, and I definitely don't want to fight with that be kid, all day every day about doing so, but if it will keep them, me, and my family safe, I am more than willing to do so. Greene, on the other hand, isn't willing to do anything. 


  1. She cited the governor's executive order in her email but at the time it had not even gone through yet. That means she had her excuse ready. If there's one thing that we all know it's that excuses are like assholes. We all got em and they all stink.

  2. Completely agree. It's been a challenge getting the message across. The power struggle among our leaders is an embarressment. My priority is to keep myself and family safe. The Science is clear. Use it or face illness and/or death.