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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Principal of Raines fired, Principal of Paxon promoted, both broke the law

George Maxey broke the law by lying to the police. He was fired and he also had a reputation for bucking downtown. He was fired.

Royce Turner broke the law by stealing athletic equipment from Fletcher high school when he was a VP at Wolfson. He was later promoted.

One had a reputation for bucking the district the other has a reputation for being one of Prat-Dannals good old boys. I will let you figure out who is who.

One is out of a job; the other despite having poor data at every stop has seen his star rise in the district going from a VP on probation to principal at Ribault to the principal at nationaly renowned Paxon.

I guess one could argue that Turner’s offence happened in 97 but I don’t see how one-year of probation compares to Maxey losing his job and having his reputation destroyed.

Maxey in a weird inappropriate way was sticking up for his kids but as far as I know Royce has never had to explain his actions.

I just want to say I believe in redemption and turning things around. I also have had a judgment against me from the state because of some misdemeanor arrests that happened years before I became a teacher and I had five years of probation. After seeing Royce’s judgment I really feel like I got hosed but that’s another story.

I think a contrite remorseful Maxey serving a 30-day suspension would have been better for the system, so many of our kids need second and third chances. It would have been valuable to show them that opportunity was possible. As for Mr. Turner, 97 was a long time ago but he has obviously rubbed his staff the wrong way for them to send me his state discipline file (which is part of the public record) and there is at least anecdotal evidence at both Ribault and Stanton which points to him doing a poor job.

In the end Maxey got fired while Turner has worked his way to the top of the heap.

I will let you be the judge.


  1. It is said that in Duval County Schools many times administrators are promoted according to their level of incompetence. Royce Turner will go far, his level of incompetence is astounding!

  2. Pratt-Dannals is now Superintendent so that states he has the highest level of incompetence there is in the system. And who would have thought the 'holier than thou' Royce Turner would be stealing from the district. They say never bite the hand that feeds you and it appears as if Turner did this and he still is allowed to keep his job! He and his good friend Majova at Stanton are doing a good job of tearing down two of the best schools in the nation. Incompetence does not get any better than that!

  3. Turner "stole" from Paxon's athletes by raiding the school's athletic budget to buy himself -- and his partners-in-"crime" pseudo AD Mercedes Carver and AP Allen -- a golf cart so he/they could recline in it to watch Paxon's football games. In a year when Duval athletics were struggling, and some sports dismissed, his/their actions were especially deplorable.

  4. Mr. Maxey, now former/fired principal of the wholly incompetent, D, F, F, F, F, etc. rated "intervene" high school received what he deserved. He was and remains a highly prejudiced demagogue of a terrible high school who has rejected multiple, caucasian teacher applicants, many with masters and doctorate degrees in their learned field.

    I was one of them when I visited Raines H.S. ~ 2years ago and Mr. Maxey refused to even meet me (probably because I am caucasian). He had his newly assigned (caucasian) vice-principle, an unhappy transfer (to Raines) from the new Arlington Middle School, (wherein he was principal), to escort me on a 7 minute tour of the school. I later rang Mr. Maxey who told me: " Sorry, you have 1-2 strikes against you: you are WHITE, you are MALE, and we just cannot have you in our traditionally black school."

    Had the tables been turned, and I had verbally said that sentence to Mr. Maxey (a black), you damn well know the NAACP, the DCSB, and hungry lawyers would be prosecuting me. By the way...Mr. unemployed Maxey shouldn't worry! His wife is principal at Justina Road Elementary School (Arlington)! It is located where the crime rate rivals or exceeds ZIP 32206, 32209, etc., all NW Duval County. Let Ms. Maxey support her criminal-minded husband who is as racist as he is dark black, a fat ass, a stupid fool, filled with greed and delusions of power. And then we have a non-Ph.D. DCSB superintendent who supported this bimbo until the Duval Sheriff's office discovered his dishonesty, protection of criminal students @ Raines H.S., and Maxey's string of lies & prevarications. I just bet Maxey graduated from EWC!! We need to tell it like it is...return to separate but equal in all phases of American life and revoke the 1964 Equal Rights Amendment. It hasn't work in almost 50 years and likely never will.

    Mr. Maxey, I hear tell there our scores of openings with many of the garbage truck firms! Ya' might even lose some of your fat-ass BMI w/ some real hard, honest work.

  5. Wow!!!, I am so glad that people are starting to see our Principal, Royce Turner and his other administrators such as Gates, Allen, and you want believe it, Doc too, that works beside him for who they really are. I really think it is sad that my parents allow me and my brother to continue to attend that school that is so messed up and built on dishonest, untrustworthy, and lack of respect, and they think we the students are messed up. Here at Paxon, you have a jelly back principal who sleeping with his AP Allen and all my friends know about it and see it everyday, and I think Mr Turner is married and have a son here at his school, and oh coo coo AP Gates who's tell all her sexual business to us the students, staff and the broom if it was able to listen and talk back. I really wish our new superintendent will come into our school and clean up some things from our principals to our teachers.

  6. Any follow-up to this story, Chris? Some of us are curious if Dr. Vitti has had this info shared with him.

  7. The friends of NorthWest Jax schools advocated for Maxey to come back but that's the only thing I have heard...