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Saturday, January 20, 2024

DCPS sticks it to staff... again

     Duval County just changed its end-of-the-year calendar with despite what they claim, barely any input from staff. 

The last four days of the year were scheduled to be half days, and now they, including the last day of the year, will be full days. To justify it, they put out a ridiculously self-serving memo.

After reviewing feedback? Get out of town, after being ramrodded through by Corey Wright and a few parents, the district decided to make the change. Feedback, fellow teachers, how much feedback did you give? Or did you just hear about it through Facebook because that seems to be more likely? 

As for the calendar committee, most of them don't work in the classroom, roughly just 5 out of the 45 members, and nobody is worried about losing instruction that last week, when testing is finished, and EVERYONE wants summer to begin.

I am sympathetic to parents who need to find childcare, I am, but if this week is going to be a problem, they are in for a big surprise the following ten weeks. I also firmly believe parents have to be parents, and any shortcomings they might have shouldn't fall on teachers' shoulders. Teachers aren't here to fix all of society's problems. They are here to teach. 

You know DCPS has routinely, over the years, told staff they don't care what they think. That staff, you are just cogs, and we will replace you. Your feelings, heck, your expertise, don't matter, and because of this, I don't believe DCPS will ever reach its potential. Never, it's impossible to do, but does the Ivory Tower care? Nope, and see this latest example as more proof. 


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