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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Represenative Fresen pulls Voucher Bill, says he will no longer make decisions based on who contributes to his campaign

Fresen has gotten a lot of grief from Education Matters over the last few days mostly in the form of just reporting what he says. Where I don’t think that played an iota on his decision to pull the kneecapping public education voucher bill I can at least appreciate him doing so.

It seems Mr. Fresen has had a change of heart and multiple media accounts have reported him saying, I think it is time we started to address the issues in public education, that we gave them as much time and energy as we do private schools that take vouchers and charter schools.  He also went on about how money would no longer influence his decisions, which would now be based on facts and evidence.

All I can add is, April Fools day!   


  1. You got me....LOL!!

  2. Oh, I was soooooooo hoping it was true!!!