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Sunday, April 9, 2017

Public education and teachers are under attack in Florida… again!

Public education and teachers are under attack in Florida… again!

Zippia a career building site ranked Florida 49th out of fifty for teachers, and that’s wasn’t al about pay either.

You see according to the teacher portal our ranking zooms all the way up to 44.

No Florida is attacking the teaching profession and education in increasingly creative ways.
This year alone there have been proposals to increase the money sent to charter schools, which amounts to public money for private and for profit money.  The house is close to passing a bill that would give public schools to charter schools despite the fact nearly 350 have failed in Florida and for the most part they do no better and often do worse than traditional public schools.

Instead of giving Florida’s teachers a long overdue raise they legislative bodies have been haggling over a teacher bonus schemes that is reviled by most teachers that bases the bonuses on things like SAT, GRE and even LSAT scores.

And let’s not forget the union busting bill that exempts police and firefighting unions that is attack against teachers and their representatives.

A highly controversial measure opponents describe as “union-busting” legislation meant to target Florida public school teachers passed the Republican-led House Thursday in a near party-line vote

Then once again the legislature is seeking t ignore the will of the people and further cripple the already watered down class size amendment. If there is going to be no enforcement of the law, then the law will exist in name only.

Even promising and popular recess and testing bills have experienced resistance and push back.

Friends we’re not on the verge of a teaching crisis we are in the middle of one that unless things change is only going to get worse. What’s Florida’s solution? To double down on their attacks on teachers and education.

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  1. Thank you for having the courage to speak for all teachers who cannot or will not speak for themselves.