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Sunday, April 9, 2017

Vitti’s had a few pretty bad days.

I still think he is the odds-on favorite to get the Detroit Superintendent gig, but them pumping on the breaks must be disconcerting.

When the Detroit school board on Thursday scheduled a special meeting for next week, it seemed like a sign that a vote for superintendent was near.
But late Friday, the board canceled the special Monday meeting, signaling that it is unlikely to make a final decision then — even though Tuesday marks its legal deadline to choose a schools chief.
Members still plan to meet on Tuesday but have pushed off the major discussion about who will lead the district. Later Friday, the special board meeting to discussion the superintendent candidates was rescheduled for Thursday, April 13.
Two finalists are vying for the district’s top position: Jacksonville, Florida, schools chief Nikolai Vitti and Derrick Coleman, who runs the suburban Detroit district of River Rouge. Each spent a day interviewing in the city recently.

The schedule change comes as board members face pressure to slow the search down and consider other candidates, including interim superintendent Alycia Meriweather. Both of the city’s leading newspapers this week called on the board to reopen the search, and Dan Gilbert, the businessman and philanthropist who is heavily involved in Detroit issues, joined the chorus supporting Meriweather with a tweet on Friday.

Then the Jacksonville Journey voted to end the District’s suspension centers. I believe these have been expensive boondoggles and after years and millions of dollars the city finally agreed with me.
The district and its supporters may spin that the ATOSS’s were a success but the truth is if you look at the numbers they went empty more than not and they never explained why the district should pay for services that schools could provide. ATOSSs’ were glorified and expensive ISSP programs and in schools is where they should have happened.

Detroit pushing on the brakes and one of his signature programs biting the dust can’t be good news for the super, though like the millers daughter in Rumpelstiltskin I am sure he will be able to spin it into gold.  


  1. Somebody screwed up. They can't hold a meeting to discuss hiring a super at the same time members of the board are visiting the other candidate's district. Ockham's Razor, don't read too much into the cancellation.

  2. I still think he is the odds-on favorite to get the Detroit Superintendent gig, but them pumping on the breaks must be disconcerting. "breaks"???

  3. Lol, making fun of grammar and spelling. It's what you do on the Internet when you have nothing useful to say.

  4. If he doesn't get the Detroit gig at least Vitti can take solace in the fact that Duval will always be his "safety" district.

  5. It isn't very safe for students and teachers.