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Monday, June 28, 2010

School Police

The Duval County School District announced today that it would be hiring a police chief for it’s sixty-man force. Is this a sign of progress or a sign about the sad state of affairs that we find our education system in.

Unfortunately the forces biggest job won’t be protecting students and teachers from intruders, it will be protecting students and teachers from certain students, students who for the most part already have no business being at school. The one’s whose grade point averages start with zero and who already have a history of causing problems. Perhaps if we removed them our need for a school based police force would either go away or be greatly diminished.

A police force, where necessary in today’s society is by its very nature is mostly reactionary. If we want to make real changes we need to be proactive. We need social workers to provide wrap around services to our most needy students and counselors to get to the root of some children’s problems and to help them develop appropriate replacement behaviors. Until we do that a school-based police force is both just an expensive band-aid on the gaping wound of education and only one piece of an incomplete puzzel.

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