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Sunday, January 17, 2021

CDC puts Duval County in Red Zone, DCPS says things are just fine.

 The CDC says Florida is in real trouble that we do need to do something quickly. Juxtapose that with DCPS, which is encouraging some and cajoling others to return to the schools. What we are doing is reckless, and DCPS should know better.

For a district that has gotten rid of latex and peanuts in some schools and limited field trips in an abundance of caution, we have thrown caution to the wind as putting people in danger is the order of the day.   

From News4Jax.

Florida is in “full COVID-19 resurgence,” according to the White House Coronavirus Task Force’s latest report, which also predicts more deaths to come.

The report, which was sent Sunday to Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, also said most areas of the state are seeing an increased spread of the virus. The report puts Duval County in the red zone, meaning Jacksonville, like most of the state, is seeing more than 100 cases per 100,000 population.

"Florida has seen an increase in new cases, test positivity, and hospitalizations and is in full COVID-19 resurgence,” the report said. “Nearly all metro areas over 500,000 persons are in full resurgence and aggressive action must meet this increasing community spread in our large metro areas. Metros that continued to improve post-Thanksgiving are now destabilizing.”

Now I know what you are saying, that this is on the state that DCPS is just doing what they are told. Two things, when has just following orders ever worked as an excuse and putting people in harm's way is what DCPS wants to do. We can blame the state, but the reality is the state is just giving Greene cover for what she wants.

I get it too, we aren't going to quarantine; our state is run by madmen who ignore science, but that doesn't mean we can't do things a lot better, and step one is the district being honest with people about how dangerous it is. Step 2 is instead of encouraging people to come back into the building, we could encourage them to go to DHR. Throw in robust contact tracing, a universal mask policy, and insist on social distancing, and we can be a lot safer.

If you have to give Greene a pass for having people in school, don't give her a pass for a lack of social distancing and contact tracing, she is 100 percent responsible for that.

The reality is we're in trouble, and the district is pretending we aren't.  

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