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Sunday, January 29, 2017

There is no reason to put prayer back in school, heck I pray all the time.

Religious Zealot and state representative Kim Daniels is attempting to put prayer back in school. I guess we'll handle that pesky poverty problem next week.

The think Mrs. Daniels doesn't get is there is a lot of prayer going on in schools already, heck I pray all the time.

I pray little Johnny won’t show up so I can teach.

I pray little Suzie makes even the slightest bit of effort.

I pray my administration will back me up if there is a problem.

I pray the crazy parent doesn’t blame me for failing their child. I pray they understand that rarely coming, doing no work and disrupting class is grounds for failure. I pray my administration understands that too.

I pray that when my vice principal walks in she is more concerned with my teaching than my standards based bulletin board.

I pray my family understands that I have more work than I can possibly do in the day and I will make up the time I am missing with them when I can.

I pray downtown realizes that teaching kids things like discipline and a work ethic is more important than just passing them through to keep up the districts numbers. I pray they realize teachers are valuable assets not easily replaceable cogs.

I pray Tallahassee leaves education alone. They have done enough damage.

I pray President Trump can find a person  other than Betsy DeVos the most unqualified candidate ever to run the department of education. Sir, I know she gave you a ton of money, but educating our kids not rewarding her should be your top priority.

I pray society understands that closing schools and privatizing education is not the answer and investing in education is. I also pray they stop blaming teachers for societies ills and will realize we have to stop ignoring and finally address poverty f we want to see real improvement.

I pray wall street types and hedge fund managers, you know those behind the wave of charter schools, virtual schools and voucher legislation grow a conscience and realize our children are more important than filling their wallets.

Yeah, I pray in school all the time. There is no way I could get through the day without doing so.


  1. Betsy Devos was confirmed. We had better all start praying for our children especially those that are not among the millionaires in our country. We better pray that she learns something about exceptional student education soon.