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Sunday, December 15, 2019

Matt Carlucci called for a JEA grand Jury investigation, there needs to be one about the sales tax referendum too (draft)

Unless you live under a rock you know about the mayors plot to sell JEA, recent revelations however also show that the unqualified JEA CEO Aaron Zahn planned for him and his friends to get rich off the sale. City Councilman Matt Carlucci seemingly one of the few members of the city council members with integrity has called for an investigation. Well friends there needs to be an investigation about what went down with sales tax referendum too.

To read about Matt Carlucci's call for a grand jury investigation click the link.

It was inexplicable that the mayor and CC would fight against a sales tax referendum which would create jobs, revitalize neighborhoods, stop or slow flight to the suburbs, attract businesses and fix our ailing schools, which is something everyone agreed need to happen, but there they were, fighting tooth and nail against the city's schools and children and there is a lot to investigate.

There is mayoral adviser Sam Mousa trying to shake down the district and then getting a no bid six figure contract a few days after he retired.

The million dollars to Rory Diamond's charity from Charter school fanatic Gary Chartrand and his
six figures to the mayor, Jason Fischer and tens of thousands to other city council members plus a quarter million to Ju'coby Pittman's charity all raise flags as they sought to undermine the district. 

Maybe nothing criminal went on but there are enough red flags there you would think we were at a military parade in red square.

Then lets not forget the Kids Hope Alliance where they were told to give away 10k micro grants to buy votes.

There is a rot in this city and it's not just with the JEA, it oozes out of city hall as well, with the Kids Hope Alliance, the Landing, Lot J and with the referendum and it would be a mistake just to only look at JEA. Our city has been hijacked by grifters looking out only for themselves and their backers. 

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