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Saturday, December 7, 2019

Yesterday was a $%^#ed up day in education in Florida (adult language below)

Yesterday was a fucked up day in Florida Education. Sorry not sorry to curse but symbols just didn't cut it.

We had Manny Diaz a long time foe of public ed proposing what teachers want and makes sense and we had the school board association and superintendent association, people who should be supporting educators, stabbing them in the back and capitulating to the governor.  Up was down, black was white and people were jumping on the furniture. 

Listen to Manny Diaz,

From Florida Politics,

“You [can] talk about categorical, you [can] talk about putting in the base student allocation. And then, do we say that everybody [must reach] a minimum $47,500 or do you try to equalize the money across the state and have it where you raise all boats and it brings the average salary higher?”

Put it in the base student allocation, raise all boats, preach it brother Diaz.

This is what people have been begging for, this also makes the most sense or anything out out there.

Compare this with the statement from the school board and superintendents association, or you know the people who should know better.

If you are a teacher and just felt a sharp pain in your back, that's a knife wound.

Thank you Governor DeSantis, how high would you like us to jump? 

They have to know teachers hate his proposals, and instead of backing teachers they capitulated, they gave in. 

This was a base betrayal of education in Florida no more no less.

We applaud, we are excited, geeze, they sound like an abused spouse who thinks if they clean the house just a little more than won't get the belt. They are supposed to stand up for their staffs and instead they asked the bully if they could join his team.

That's fucked up.

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