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Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Jason Fischer and the mockbuster (draft)

Do you know what a  knockbuster is?  You probably do.
mockbuster (also known as knockbuster or a drafting opportunity[1]) is a movie created with the intention of exploiting the publicity of another major motion picture with a similar title or subject. Mockbusters are often made with a low budget and quick production to maximize profit. Unlike films that are produced to capitalize on the popularity of a recent release by adopting similar genre or storytelling elements, mockbusters are generally produced concurrently with upcoming films, and released direct-to-video at the same time the real film reaches theaters or video outlets. A mockbuster may be similar enough in title, packaging, etc. in hopes that consumers confuse it with the actual film it mimics, but their producers maintain that they are simply offering additional products for consumers who want to watch additional films in the same subgenres.[2]

Here is an example of one.

They are nothing but cheap knocks offs created to make a quick buck. Well friends, where I can't say for sure, it looks to me like Jason Fischer may be following suit.

His campaign manager recently launched a super pac.

Unfortunately there is not a ton of information about why it exists available. Though Duval already has a super pac for our students.

That PAC is to support Duval's schools, something Fischer has never done and it is called  Duval Citizens for Better Schools.

Okay it is true the titles are super similar but they seem similar enough.

Now is Fischer's treasurer trying to wrangle in a few extra bucks, like the makers of Frozen Land did? I don't know but he seems to have a history for these kind of things.

Jason Fischer isn't above deceiving people, see when he let people believe he was in the Navy or the whole elected super debacle, so him trying to make some money off of people looking to support our schools would not surprise me. I guess the bottom line is we will be a lot better when he is in our rear view and we should all support his opponent Ben Marcus. We need a decent person representing us, not a self serving grifter like Fischer.

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