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Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Charlotte Joyce has stopped giving a @&!$ It is time to send her home.

 Charlotte Joyce passed on the JPEF forum, the Delores Bar Weaver panel, and now the Jax indivisible forum about the millage increase. She has been given opportunity after opportunity to engage, and she has refused. One thing she did not pass on was speaking at a panel hosted by Raymond Johnson, a noted homophobe who has accused teachers of being pedophiles and groomers and who has inexplicably called for Superintendent Greene's arrest for "reasons".

Charlotte Joyce has been a disaster on the board, on the opposite of every important education issue, and she has pushed anti-teacher, and anti-public ed stances that she has to know are not true.  It is time to send her home.

 Luckily there is another candidate, Tanya Hardaker, and if you care about and support public education, she is the only candidate in that race. If you live in District 6, please vote for her; if you don't, encourage your friends to do so.

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