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Let your voice be heard statewide!

Tired of preaching to the choir about education issues? Well now you can let the state know about the problems with accountability, testing, vouchers, charter schools, poor leadership, a lack of resources, common core and any other issue you can think of. Send your letter to 20 papers in less than 20 minutes.

You might be thinking something like what’s the point; I live in Miami, why would Tallahassee print my letter. Well friends many of the problems we are having in education are universal, they are happening statewide. 

Finally if you have a paper that’s not on the list please add it to it.

Thanks and good writing.

Tampa Times

Palm Beach Post

Sun Sentinel

Tallahassee Democrat

Miami Herald

Pensacola News Journal

Naples Daily News
Sarasota Herald Times

The Highlands today

The Ocala Star Banner

Sunshine State News

The Bradenton Herald

The Hernando today

Orlando Sentinel Tampa Tribune

Daytona Beach News Journal

St. Augustine Record

The Florida Times Union

The Daily Villages Sun


  1. Lake County:
    The Villages Daily Sun

    The Daily Commercial

  2. Thank you!!! Are you part if Partners in Policymaking?

  3. Do senators listen? No! Do congressmen listen? No! Do governors listen? No! Do superintendents of schools listen to teachers?No! Do school board members listen to teachers? No! Dictators don't listen to the citizenry; I lived under one for 28 years. They just don't listen! You see money talks and bull sh*t walks!

  4. Thank you for the addresses!
    Donna Mace