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Monday, July 11, 2011

The real reason the Florida Legislature supports charter schools

I was wondering why the Florida State government was such a strong backer of charter schools. If you think it is because they believe parents should have a choice, I have a bridge in Brooklyn I can tell you cheap. The truth is numerous Florida Legislators are in the pockets of for profit charter schools.

Take Representative Erik Fresen, a Miami Republican who sits on several education committees for example. First his sister and brother-in-law own a charter school management company, Academica, and at least five companies involved in charter school management contributed the maximum allowable donation to Fresen’s most recent election campaign. He however sees no conflict of interest with this. He is far from alone in this.

John Thrasher, Jeb Bush and many other politicians also have close ties to entities that seek to profit off our public schools. These politicians are not interested in seeing our schools or are children doing well, they are interested in making a buck off of them.

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