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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Tony Bennett is giving Jeb Bush cover on the Parent Trigger

Indiana’s trash, our treasure (sic) education commissioner Tony Bennett is giving his lord Jeb Bush cover. He wrote a letter to the Florida Senate requesting that local school boards not the state has the final say with the parent trigger, oh if they could just have final say with charter schools too but I guess local school boards can’t be trusted to make that decision.

This means the parent trigger bill has been diluted down to the point that if 51 percent of parents at a school sign a petition they can suggest to the school board ways to turn their children’s school around, or something they can do now without a petition, or without any other parent for that matter. Why is the parent trigger such a priority again?

The parent trigger bill has been very divisive here in Florida with parents, teachers, civil rights groups and editorial boards on one side and legislators and their donors and future employers on the other. Now however the bill has come down to giving Jeb Bush a win even if it is just symbolic, which is what it would be now that at the bequest of his underling, Tony Bennett, all the teeth were pulled from it.

And boy does Jeb Bush need a victory too, what with the passing of the multiple pathways to graduation bill, something his Florida Foundation fought against and after state after state rejected his Florida Miracle, if only Florida would finally reject it too. Then if we throw in his recent flip flop on immigration, then gosh Jeb Bush is having a really, really bad month.

Here is to many more.

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