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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Florida legislature pulls last minute shenanigans to pass Voucher bill

On the last day of the legislative session a 141-page voucher amendment was added to an unrelated bill that had already won approval allowed the expansion of vouchers to pass.

If the democrats had been in power and done something similar with gun control, or welfare then there would be outrage in the streets.

From the Tampa Times: Sen. Dwight Bullard raised concerns about the way the policy had been brought to the Senate floor. "The idea of a last-day amendment that brings up the content of a [seperate] bill is problematic," said Bullard, D-Miami. Bullard opposed the new language, saying students who participate in the tax credit scholarship program often return to their neighborhood public schools below grade level.

That’s what it took and that’s the way the republicans in Tallahassee do things. 

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