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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Once again the Times Union gives the middle finger to teachers

Today the Times Union printed their annual we have the right people in place our schools system is heading in the right direction editorial.

Their main evidence to back up this assertion is that our graduation rates have risen, and you know what they are right but do you know who else’s graduation rates have gone up? EVERYONES EVERWHERE!!

There are numerous reasons for this too and very few if any have to do with what is coming out of One Prudential Drive.  

This however is the part that got me.

Many people and organizations deserve credit for the local improvements.
Vitti, with his relentless sense of urgency, has been the change agent, but the foundation was set before Vitti arrived with tougher standards and the expansion of college prep courses in neighborhood high schools.
Nonprofits and the philanthropic community have invested large amounts of money and time to turn around the county’s struggling schools. Special emphasis has been placed on middle schools.
Um, notice who they didn’t mention? Teachers.
The super gets a shout out, and nonprofits, and rich people are patted on the back too but teachers you know the people doing all the work?
Nah not even a mention, the Times Union thinks less of teachers than the super does and that’s saying a lot.
The Times Union does more harm than good and it’s shameful.


  1. What is the graduation rate at Catapult? How many kids are encouraged to attend Catapult? How many kids that weren't having success in school with live teachers are having success on a computer at Catapult? What are the records of the kids being pushed toward Catapult-- remove those kids and ultimately graduation rates would increase. Do you know that once a student registers at Catapult they CAN NEVER come back to Duval County? We are playing a dangerous numbers game repurposing schools (wiping out F's through "new" school creations)- it's impossible to talk in this county because the leaders and 4 members of the School Biard are all in-deep together. Students are being labeled behind with inappropriate curriculum and expectations. The biggest losers in this mess are the students- who are not being taught to play, think, and create. Eventually the smart kids will leave because their parents will discover there are bad things happening in elementary schools- what a shamble. We need a revolution-

  2. Wow!! How about mentioning teachers and parents? Teachers have to teach most based on "his" agenda (i.e. Testings) and parents have to sit and explain why and spend hours helping their children because there's no time in classroom. I love our teachers but there isn't enough money you could pay me to work under Duval county. I've been told by my kids that they take benchmark or some test and most of the info they haven't even learned. I tell them, communicate that with your teacher. Their response was "we aren't allowed and the teachers don't even know what's on these tests". Thanks Mr. Vitti for trying to teach my kids communication and trying to support your teachers!! (Insert my sarcasm). Lol