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Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Times Union's love affair

The Times Union’s editorial board’s love for Superintendent Pratt-Dannals is once again evident in the editorial, F-Cat Scores: Raising expectations. Like he did in his letter to the district on the DCSB web site, the column talks about the problem with this years f-cat and then later asks us to celebrate the successes at some schools.

Does anybody else see a problem with this? Is one part of the f-cat good, while another part is bad? If successes are set up by years of hard work as the editorial suggests, then aren’t failures set up by years of poor work as well? Which is it?

Furthermore, how can the superintendent criticize Pearson without mentioning that the county has brought them to town to do some of our statistical analysis? Which is it Times Union, should they be scrutinized or should they be used?

Continuing, it is interesting that over 500 teachers applied to work at our struggling schools but doesn’t that has more to do with the economy than them thinking the Duval County Public School system is being successful. Also many of those 500 that attended a recent job fair weren’t from out of town. The district invited everybody including locals without teaching experience to attend and then was woefully unprepared for the turn out they received. If that’s something to be celebrated, talk about turning lead into gold.

Finally, when the Times Union talks about a snap shots that represent a few years, what they are actually talking about another is tens of thousands of kids who enter a system that will ultimately curtail many of their futures and graduating tens of thousands of children many who won’t be prepared for college or the workforce. How’s that for a snap shot?

I like it when the Times Union writes about education. There are few subjects more important. I also believe there are great things happening in the county and the staffs at the schools mentioned in the article should be applauded for their hard work and dedication, just like the staffs at all schools regardless of their grades should be. I just don’t think it’s fair to the Times Union’s readers, and the children of Jacksonville, when they put such a positive spin on an over all dreary picture.

Chris Guerrieri
Stake Holder

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