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Friday, December 17, 2010

Lieutenant governor elect Jennifer Carroll sells out black community

Lieutenant governor elect Jennifer Carroll spoke to lobbyist and business leaders about education issues. I so love it when politicians perhaps the least informed and most hubris filled of any group talk about education. I probably love it as much as the black community loves being sold out by the aforementioned lieutenant governor elect.

If Rick Scott and Jennifer Carroll have their way do you know who is going to be hurt the most? It’s going to be those families living in poor neighborhoods that send their children to “struggling schools” make that the black schools. The average parent of a kid at Ribault, Raines or Jackson, heck let’s throw in White and Forrest too, which are all predominantly African American, won’t be able to take advantage of the proposed education accounts. Imagine Boles taking a group of kids with their pants down to their knees. Can’t do it? Me either, even if by some miracle some of the families already struggling to make ends meet could come up with the thousands of extra dollars they would need. In the new system since education money is being siphoned away so the parents who already send their kids to exclusive private schools can be subsidized, the ‘struggling schools” make that the black schools, will have fewer resources. Friends the cupboard is already bare now, if Carroll and Scott have their way they are going to demolish it all together.

She then talks about how we need to prepare kids to compete in a global market. Sure that sounds good but we should be happy if some of these kids are able to compete for a job at a warehouse or doing a trade. I once again remind, Carroll, the lobbyists, the businessmen and the powers-that-be, that we don’t have the kids we wish we had had, we have the kids we do and it is time we started planning accordingly.

These kids need to have the option to be learning a trade or a skill, or to be working with the arts, programs gutted in the current everybody is going to go to college climate we find ourselves in. This may come as a shock to Mrs. Carroll but not everybody is going to go to college and we need to start making plans for them, I mean other than the push them through without any skills and summarily dumping them on the street ill prepared for anything plan we have now.

Mrs. Carroll I get that you are riding high. You have made it, now how about giving others a chance to make it too. This voucher plan will rob many students of that chance and keeping all children in a one size fits all curriculum, regardless of desire, ability and aptitude does so as well


  1. once all schools compete for the privilege of teaching the students from challenge schools the tuition at schools like bolles and episcopal will magically drop to the exact same amount as the voucher. increased demand for scarce resources always results in a lower price. that's what i learned in my state-approved voucher-based homeschool. bye-bye waste and gubmint schooling.

  2. Any program, carefully thought out and carefully implemented, that nutures competition in the U.S. public school system is a plus. The current system has its good parts and good teachers but, on the whole, is a travesty. Many parties have contributed to the travesty including parents, or lack thereof, students, unions, teachers, administration, school boards, government, non-profit do gooders doing well, religious institutions and taxpayers who have not revolted against the current state. I personally think that the unions/teachers/administration/school boards could have been the catalyst(but not solely responsible) for change but they have failed to do so in Duval. I agree that not all children can or want to or should enroll in college. The educational programs need to be fixed to reflect that reality. Nothing like people who are professional tradesmen/women. They can actually build real things and are often a source of ingenuity unmatched by higher educated people.