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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Florida Teachers look over seas

Teaching Jobs Overseas

Are you interested in teaching overseas? Do you want an adventurous, challenging, and rewarding cultural experience?

Through Teach Away, the world's most global teacher placement organization, you have access to the widest variety of teaching jobs within public and private schools overseas. Teach Away's extensive international network of partners includes Ministries of Education and private ESL schools, as well as elementary, junior, middle, and high schools within the public and private sectors.

Whether you are a recent university grad interested in teaching English, or a licensed teacher with years of experience, Teach Away has the teaching program for you. Here's the best part: our placement services are completely free for teachers! If you have any questions, please contact Teach Away.

Current Teach Away Programs:

Teach Away has been officially selected by the Education Council in the United Arab Emirates to assist with the placement of licensed primary and secondary school teachers within the Emirate of Abu Dhabi's public school system. These lucrative two-year teaching jobs in the UAE offer an excellent tax free salary (up to $6,000 USD/month), yearly air ticket, and free accommodations.

Teach in Malaysia
As part of a major government initiative in Malaysia, Teach Away is hiring teachers for teaching jobs in Malaysian public schools and teacher training institutes. The majority of teachers will work in private schools and assist local teachers in the delivery and implementation of English instruction. Select positions are available for highly qualified Teacher Trainers to work in teacher training institutes.

Teaching Advisers and English Advisers are also being hired to participate in a separate initiative involving trust schools in Malaysia. Teachers can expect an excellent salary and benefits package while participating in an exciting government project.

Teach in the United Kingdom
Teach Away is recruiting teachers for teaching jobs in London, England, and other areas of the United Kingdom. Teachers from the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada are welcome to apply for these positions. Teachers have the opportunity to work as substitute teachers, or as long-term teachers.

In order to teach in the UK, teachers must posses a valid teaching license from their home state or province. Teachers have the opportunity to gain valuable experience while living in historic London, England.

Teach in Brunei
For Certified Commonwealth Teachers Only
Teach Away is currently hiring English teachers for public school jobs in Brunei in conjunction with a major not-for-profit organization. Brunei Darussalam is located in the south-eastern region of Asia, on the island of Borneo. Teaching positions in this small, wealthy, and tropical country are for a two-year period with annual tax free salaries of up to B$77,000 ($58,000 CAD), along with other great benefits.

Teach in China
Teach Away is currently hiring teachers to teach in two of China's largest and most renowned cities, Shanghai and Beijing. One of the oldest and largest countries in the world, China is a popular destination for history buffs and geographers alike. Teach Away offers teaching placements at reputable language schools for ESL teachers who would like to experience the birthplace of Asian culture.

Teach in Korea
Teach Away offers some of the best ESL teaching jobs in Korea.
The Korean National Ministry of Education officially selected Teach Away to assist in hiring English teachers for public school positions across the country. Teach Away also places ESL teachers at some of the most elite private schools in Korea.

Teach in Japan
Japan continues to be one of the most popular destinations for English teachers wishing to teach abroad. Teach Away offers ESL teaching job placements in public and private schools across Japan. Most teaching jobs are in rural or suburban areas. In-person interviews are required.

Teach in Saudi Arabia
Teach Away offers exceptional private school teaching jobs in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. These schools follow the B.C. Ministry of Education curriculum and offer excellent teaching benefit packages. With a tax free salary and ample vacation time, jobs in Saudi Arabia are ideal for teachers who want to save money.

Teach in Taiwan
Teach Away is hiring certified teachers for private and public elementary and high school positions in Taiwan. Teachers receive good pay and accommodations are provided. Teach Away also offers teaching jobs in Taiwan's most prestigious language schools located all across the country.

Teach in Vietnam
Vietnam offers a variety of exciting ESL teaching opportunities. All English teachers must have a TESL/TEFL (or equivalent) certification. With ESL jobs in Vietnam through Teach Away, teachers will receive four weeks off, allowing them to explore the wonders of Vietnam.

Teach in Thailand
Thailand is a popular destination for ESL teachers who are interested in gaining a valuable cultural experience. Teach Away offers ESL teaching jobs at some of the most prestigious private schools in Bangkok.

Teach in Hong Kong
For Certified Teachers Only
Teach Away has been officially selected by the Government of Hong Kong's Education Bureau to recruit certified English teachers for the public school jobs in Hong Kong. Lucrative benefits such as flight and accommodation are included.

Teach in Mexico
Teach Away offers lucrative ESL teaching jobs in Mexico. From Monterey to Mexico City to the Yucatan, teachers have access to high quality English teaching jobs for all levels, from elementary to adult. Teaching jobs are within private language schools throughout Mexico offering flexible working hours.

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