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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Governor Rick Scott and the Florida Legislature, failure or colossal failure?

Inspired from the Times Union’s message board

Governor Rick Scott and the Florida legislature were put in office supposedly to address Florida’s failing economy. Here in Florida - to date - they have offered nothing like that in the current Legislative process. They have shown a desire to stop abortions, attack Hispanic immigrants, kill a train project, promote the teaching of creationism, drug test public employees, the ones that get to keep their jobs that is, build golf courses on public parks (since rescinded), handicapped public education through their teacher merit pay bill and to balance tax cuts and tax breaks to corporations and the wealthy on the backs of the middle class and schools. Good job Florida.

Their job plan thus far seems to be to cut tens of thousands of civil servant and teaching jobs and turn down tens of thousands of jobs associated with the high speed rail project.

Where are the jobs?

Where are our priorities?


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