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Sunday, October 30, 2011

The right has engaged in class warfare for years now

It always amuses me when the right talks about class warfare. They have had union members, teachers and civil servants, i.e. the middle class in their cross hairs for the last few years now.

Protect the millionaires and billionaires they scream but at the same time they are willing to throw the middle class under the bus. There is class warfare going on and it's the middle class who has been taking the beating. It's time enough was enough.


1 comment:

  1. I agree- for instance, when a company can lay off 100 computer programmers and send the work to India, those middle class programmers pay the price but the rich owners and stock holders benefit.
    You mention unions though and that's a sore spot for hard working middle class people who've seen unions almost drive the US car makers out of business. They did drive the US steel business out of the country. Why should semi-skilled workers get $30 an hour and the rest of us fair market value for our work? Unions drive prices up for everyone while only protecting a few. Union=Fat construction worker standing around getting paid for nothing.