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Monday, May 16, 2016

Charlie van Zant says discrimination is one of his family values. (rough draft)

I personally think the transgender bathroom ban has been a solution without a problem. Transgender children have been using the bathroom they identify with for years now.

I also think president Obama made a mistake with his edict, I think he should have just let the courts handle it because this plays into the far rights irrational fears about executive over reach. When republicans do it, hey who cares but when a democrat does it, then he is taking away our rights and now I have to listen to all the ridiculous, you think its okay for a man to go to the bathroom with little girls nonsense.

All that being said, Van Zant once again proves what a zealot he is and that he has no business running a school district.

This is a direct quote from him speech. "Make no mistake we will not disregard the traditional family values in our community to accommodate the demands of a very small majority."

This makes me angry because traditional family values in the Van Zant home  say it is okay to allow a sycophant to disenfranchise tens of thousands of voters, which is what he did when he ran for superintendent in 2012 and is trying to do again this year.

Furthermore, this debate was not started by the transgender community. Instead it was created by those who would sow hatred and bigotry, apparently two more of his family values.

Finally, it's not okay that the majority get what it wants at the expense of a minority. That's discrimination, it's that kind of thinking that said slavery was okay, it's all right to round up Jews and and that any group that is smaller or weaker can expect to be persecuted, marginalized and have their rights trampled upon. Van Zant may try to cloak himself in family values but what he is really doing is embracing the discrimination of a group he either doesn't understand, loathes or both.

Clay County hasn't this guy done enough damage? Time and time again he has proved incapable of doing the job.

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