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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Some more random hypocrisy from Jason Fischer

District 7 last time around you had two other candidates who i believe would have done a good job. Sadly you went with an ideologue who was only interested in advancing himself and his bank account.  You have to do better this time around.

That being said here is some more random hypocrisy from school board member Jason Fischer.

Remember 4 years ago when Jason Fischer campaigned on keeping transsexual students in segregated bath rooms? 

Remember all the times he brought up proposals to keep trans children of which there are only a handful separated?

You don't? 

It's because he never did either of those things though now he is all over the media expressing his faux outrage in an effort to protect our children from transsexuals.

As you read below just remember that Duval County has had the same policy concerning transsexual children in restrooms and bathrooms since 2008 and it only became an issue for Fischer when he thoughy he could score some cheap political tricks.

Below is a quote from Fischer from multiple sources.

“This intrusion by Obama and Washington liberals is exactly everything that's wrong with the DC education bureaucracy, How we teach our kids is best left to families and local representatives who can be held accountable for results."

Oy vey, where do I start. 

Um, but he is okay with testing and common core, admittedly double downed on by the Obama administration but initiated by the "conservative" Bush administration and who did Fischer brag he received support from? That would be Jeb Bush the number one proponent of both high stakes testing and common core.  

Also what is a conservative value? Could it be taking tens of thousands of dollars from for profit charter schools because he can check that off his list? As for local representation, he has to be #$%ing me, the republican government in Tallahassee, which he is currently trying to join, has tried to erode local control at every turn.

If this guy actually believes the things he says, he is an idiot, if he says them without believing them then he is worse. 

Jason Fischer has never cared about our kids, its all about self advancement for him and don't think differently for a second.

District 7 you made a tremendous mistake when you elected him 4 years ago. You have to do better this time around.

Finally lets put this transgender bathroom issue to bed, it was a solution without a problem, and a despicable solution at that.

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