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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Two more Duval Charter schools on the brink of collapse

Earlier in the week Superintendent Vitti said he doesn't want charter school grades to count against the district as two more that he recommended teeter on the brink of collapse.

This isn't all on the superintendent's back though as Cleve Warren a former board member of the Jacksonville Public Education Fund is behind bringing these two charter schools to town.

And Gary Chartrand also of JPEF encouraged families to put kids in these schools when he spoke at the Urban Education Symposium.

These three men, Vitti, Warren and Chartrand have at best set back the education and future of dozens of vulnerable and mostly minority Jacksonville children.

From the Times Union:

Duval district officials are considering whether to start the process to close two single-gender charter schools in North and West Jacksonville for lack of financial documents, a move which could affect up to 350 students.
Superintendent Nikolai Vitti said Tuesday the district sent letters of default four times since last September to the people who run the Valor and Virtue single-gender charter schools. The letters request annual audited financial statements for the latest fiscal year.
The last default letter, dated Nov. 8, gives the schools 10 days to respond, or the district will start a 90-day process that could result in closures, Vitti said.

I want to remind you once again that Vitti recommended these two charter schools despite the fact their inevitable failure was all but assured.

Also from the Times Union:

Both middle schools received D’s and high schools received F’s in the last state report cards.

Looking to open a charter school then Jacksonville is your town.

The superintendent cannot continue to recommend charter schools and then go, who me, when they fail.


  1. Usually curriculum directors review the charter application. Are these reviews pinlic record? I wonder if the review will reveal low rankings while the charter was still approved?

  2. Or I should have said if the reviews have not been doctored...