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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Superintendent Vitti cannot have his cake and eat it too.

Oy vey I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried.

I will just get to it.


An early draft of the Duval School District’s platform shows board members want increased funding for technology. With the shift from paper- to computer-based assessments, the board says there’s a need for upgrades.
The district also wants charter school grades to be kept separate from traditional public schools’.
Charters use district dollars but are operated independently. Currently charter grades are included when calculating Duval’s performance.Superintendent Nikolai Vitti has argued including charters in the calculation brings the district down because many of Duval’s charters have D and F grades.
This is a man who has approved new charter schools or the expansion of current ones like it and not overseeing our schools was his job. He has recommended  charter schools he said he would not let teach poor children. Under his watch the amount of charter school have increased 300 percent and now he is saying, look they as a group suck and the rest of the district shouldn't be weighed down by them. That my friends is him having his cake and eating it too.

Some of you might be saying, well the super had no choice but to approve them, to which I would respond more and more districts are making the choice to push back against charter schools, and that is a choice he could have made as well.


  1. Interesting. He has every excuse but doesn't want to hear excuses or questions from subordinates. I find it so ironic and hypocritical that he is making every excuse in the book. I wanted to know your thoughts on the article in the Times Union about the state looking into the district for not providing parents the opportunity/notice to send students at D or F schools to higher performing schools.

  2. It's not just charter schools. Just look at all those elementary schools they rezoned as K-2 just so they could avoid accountability. It's not so different from what he's doing with the charter schools. After all you can't be a failing school if your students don't take the FSA.

  3. What's ironic is that Vitti is all about charters, as are his proponents; however, as a superintendent, he has to see the failure that surrounds most charter schools. They fail because they don't tend to be led by people actually experienced in education or teachers that have actual experience. Instead, they churn and burn. Now, the ones that do succeed do so because of the student populations they appeal to; that is it, but public schools cannot pick and choose. The proponents of charter schools are delusional, and because the press keeps highlighting the one or two schools that perform extremely well, there is a public perception that the one or two represents the whole, when it couldn't be further from the truth.

  4. #Pearsoncrappyproducts says every teacher panicking when they can't pull the lesson up on the "technology package" and there is no hard copy to fall back on. "we're sorry, but we aren't available," (not verbatim, but an accurate representation of what happen) doesn't suffice. And what about the schools that haven't been given the technology but are expected to do the same as schools that have? There are schools that are not on the schedule: when will they get a laptop cart in every room? One more year, and the district will start a refresh cycle. The have-not schools will still do without. And the district will still condemn them for not producing the results of the 'have' schools. Although Duval County no longer divides schools along a racial line, it still maintains a system of those who have and those who have not. Disgusting.