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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

For profit charter school chain, CUSA demands districts provide extra security

The Chutzpah of Charter Schools USA one of the biggest for profit charter school chains is off the charts. 

From the Tampa Times:

Just days after Gov. Rick Scott signed Florida's new school safety rules into law, one of the state's largest charter schools made a big ask of the 13 districts where it operates.
"In keeping with the spirit of the Act, we request that a full time School Resource Officer be provided to each of the public charter schools identified below starting on April 1, 2018," wrote William J. Poirier, chief security officer for Fort Lauderdale-based Charter Schools USA.
Many of the districts, including Hillsborough, have declared they cannot afford to place resource officers at each of their own schools, much less at charter schools that operate independently under the district's sponsorship.
Some suggested that while the new school safety law required all public schools have at least one armed "safe-school officer," it does not mandate that school districts pay for and hire the officers to work at the charter schools.
CUSA's CEO Jonathan Hage has made a pretty penny putting charters in neighborhoods that don't need them, costing school district's hundreds of millions of dollars. CUSA can afford their own armed officers but they don't make money by paying for things by themselves.
Nearly 400 charter schools have open taken public money and closed leaving communities in a lurch, and they should not get one dime more.  


  1. How many of those closed schools have been CSUSA?

  2. IN the spirit of sharing FTE dollars with charter schools, based on enrollment, to fund their operations, I suggest Mr. Hage pay local police departments to provide a school resource officer like Duval County used to do before establishing their own department of school police officers.