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Friday, March 30, 2018

Scott Shine has raised just 1000 dollars in the last six months

Why is this news?

Mr. Shine by far was the first one to announce his run for school board doing so in March of 2017 some 18 months before the election, and then he announced huge donations as well.

Right now if you go to the supervisors of election page you will see he has raised over thirty thousand dollars the most of the thirteen people running for school board by far.

So why is that news?

Okay, people get in the race early to scare other people out and then they show huge fund raising totals to further scare potential opponents. Shine can check both of those things off the list.

Here however is where it gets interesting, he gave himself 20,000 of the 30,525 he has. That means he has only raised a little over ten thousand dollars and most of that came from the city's so called elites that he answers to.

Furthermore he has raised only a thousand dollars since last August and six other candidates have raised more than that and that money came from a conservative political action committee. This means not one citizen or local business has supported his reelection campaign in over six months. 

My point is there is no reason for potential candidates to be afraid of this guy, his record is so bad  that money is not going to win this race but the problem is nobody has stepped up to run against him.

Now there was one potential opponent a UNF professor but he dropped out when he was told he would have to quit his job if he won. That is a whole different story as "the city's elites" probably conspired to protect Shine. More on this soon.   

Somebody, preferably a couple people from district 2 need to step up. If you are afraid because he is the incumbent or because he seems to have raised a lot of money don't be. He is very beatable and the city and district 2 deserve better representation than Scott Shine has given. 


  1. Thank you for this report. I look forward to hearing about the real story about the UNF professor that dropped out of the race because he was told he would have to quit his job if he won. Is this because there is a state law about state employees holding public office?

  2. How does one determine what district they would represent? Is there a link to a map?