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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Rick Scott signs school crippling budget

Rick Scott and the Florida Legislature like to tell people they have invested 400 million dollars in school security but what they won’t tell you is they forced school districts to use money they had earmarked for teacher raises, paying for rising health costs and numerous other business costs to fund it.  They also won’t tell you to cover all the increases to fixed costs, they allocated just forty-seven cents extra per student, or less than the cost of a postage stamp.

In Duval County that comes to a little over sixty thousand dollars and to give you some scale that is less than the cost of one teacher when you include salary and benefits. They also did all this while increasing payments to charter schools and expanding vouchers which will siphon tens of millions more away from public education.

Superintendent Pat Willis said, Our first priority is the safety and education of our students. A 47-cent per student increase actually represents a loss of funding to Duval schools. Utility, health, property insurance, and other business costs continue to rise for our school district, just as they do for our citizens and businesses across Duval County.  An increase of just 47 cents per student jeopardizes the funding needed for important student programs, as well as the increases needed for operating expenses.

Just as troubling is the republican members of the Duval Delegation, Bean, Byrd, Yarbrough, Fant and Fischer voted to hurt our public schools by starving them of resources.

Governor Scott has already signed the budget though we can do something and that is in the future vote for representatives who support and want to improve our schools rather than dismantle them and mislead the public about what they are doing.

Chris Guerrieri
School Teacher

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  1. Not good news. Why was I thinking he would not sign it. :(