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Monday, April 23, 2018

Elections have consequences in Florida, education pays a terrible price

Here are some facts, the republican dominated Florida Legislature and Governor Rick Scott passed a budget which only allocated an extra forty-seven cents per student or less than the cost of a stamp and as a result of this districts all across the state are having to make horrific cuts to programs.

These are the cuts Duval is proposing to make up a sixty-two million shortfall. 

From the Times Union:
Duval will likely cut the number of reading coaches and academic specialists it sends to schools, as well as the number of assistant principals working at smaller schools and deans in middle and high school schools, Willis said.
Many music, art and physical education teachers will work part-time at two schools instead of full-time at one, she said. Also 34 small elementary schools will share an assistant principal.
There likely will be cuts in athletics, grounds maintenance, math competitions and Junior Achievement. Schools will wait a year longer to replace band uniforms, and only grades 3 through 5 and 6 through 8 will likely get new science text books instead of all grades.
The middle school class schedules will change from four long classes a day to seven shorter classes. The core subjects will be taught every day instead of every other day.
The board is still discussing and ranking other budget-cutting suggestions, such as revising the way the district allocates teachers to each school and cutting some teacher training, Willis said.
I am on record saying we should cut magnet school transportation and extracurricular activities including football before any staff member loses their job. Above they are talking about dozens if not hundreds of lost positions.
When people vote republican and I get it there are more than a few good and principled ones, the sad truth is for the most part you are voting against teachers and students. Some of you might hate to hear that, but the bottom line every republican member of the Duval delegation voted against pubic education and to give DCPS just an extra 47 cents per student which has crippled the budget. Shouldn't we vote for people who are going to support public ed? Don't our kids deserve it? 
Elections have consequences and the consequence for voting republican in Florida is the destruction of our public schools. The consequence is students and teachers pay a terrible price.
Also from the Times Union:
We’re going to have some unhappy people ... but that’s not our making,” said Cheryl Grymes, a board member. “We’re here because of what they have given us in Tallahassee.”

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  1. The ONLY way you're going to get the needed attention to the shortfall is by eliminating Middle and High School Athletics.