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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Local politicians, Bean and Fischer shrug their shoulders at stiffing teachers

Ugh, these two guys are some of the worst and I am not talking about how they voted to give districts just 47 cents per student to pay for millions in fixed and rising costs. No I am talking about how they voted to change the best and brightest stipend that over a thousand teachers who were eligible for last year missed out on this year. Bean and Fischer apparently could not care less.

From the Times Union:

Brady noted that if the district wants to, it could tap into its rainy day funds to make up the differences for the educators missing the bonus, but she acknowledged that it was a long shot given the budget restrictions. 
She noted that Republicans state representatives and senators voted for the package, but Democratic ones didn’t. She said teachers and public education supporters in Duval County are politically active and vocal in Tallahassee.
“They’re just passing laws to downgrade us and devalue us,” she said. “We are not going to sit by and take it.”
Some members of the Duval state delegation disagreed with the criticisms about the Best and Brightest bonuses, saying that the program is designed to attract and reward high-performing teachers and to encourage them to work in classrooms, rather than take on other roles in the district.
“We wanted to focus on getting the best teachers possible in the classroom and keeping them in the classroom,” said State Rep. Jason Fischer. “We’re not saying that other people don’t deserve pay raises or bonuses.”
State Sen. Aaron Bean said he’s hearing good things from some of Duval’s other 7,000 teachers who are getting bonuses “to keep them coming.” But, he said he could be sold on the need to create other programs or performance incentives for other school employees.
“Could we do more? Maybe,” he said.
The bonus Fischer is talking about is for people who have never taught a day in their lives and is based on SAT scores which have no correlation to effective teaching.  
He's not saying other people don't deserve bonuses he's just saying he is not willing to do anything to see that they get it.
Then Bean says, could we do more, maybe? He just shrugged his shoulders at over a thousand Jacksonville teachers and said they weren't worth the bonus that they were worth last year, while Fischer thinks people who have never taught based on something that has nothing to do with education are. 
You cannot say you support public education and vote republican, you just can't and I get it, there are a few good republicans who really care, but the vast majority are like Bean and Fischer, who either don't know what they are talking about, purposely want to harm public ed or both. 
Our teachers, our schools and our children deserve better.

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