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Thursday, January 10, 2019

Representative Kimberly Daniels admits she violated ethics rules

Kimberly Daniels represents parts of the north and west side of Jacksonville in the Florida house of representatives. She claims to be a democrat but the truth is she has more in common with republicans than the party she says she represent.

Last year when most democrats were getting failing ratings from Jeb Bush's public school privatization organization, the Foundation for Excellence in Education, they crowned her a champion, their highest rating. She also took in thousands of dollars from republican donors in her most recent reelection campaign. 

Being a wolf in sheep's clothing is one thing, but her constantly running afoul of ethics is another. She just reached a settlement agreement with the Florida Commission of Ethics where she admits knowingly falsifying her financial statements.   

She agreed to admit to her guilt as long as the current speaker of the house Jose Oliva could determine her punishment, if any. I wouldn't hold my breath that anything meaningful will happen as republicans have a way of protecting republicans which Danials is in all but name. 

This isn't the first time she was in trouble for less than ethical behavior. In 2015 she agreed to 1,500 dollars to settle an ethics complaint that she illegally used campaign funds on personnel expenses. Like in the current case she did not dispute the judgement of the commission.

All this is made more troubling that she  a pasture where you would think being ethical and honest would be a priority, though over and over again she has proven it isn't.

This latest ethical violation hasn't slowed her town in Tallahassee as she has filed legislation that would make it mandatory for all high school students to study the bible, yes that bible.

Currently schools are allowed to offer classes where the bible is studied as an elective but Daniels wants to take it a few steps farther.  If her bill passed, and remember schools are now required to have in God we Trust predominantly displayed, schools would now be forced to offer courses in religion, Hebrew scriptures and the bible as electives.  That loud crash you just heard was the separation of church and state being smashed with a sledge hammer.

It's a bit of a shock that she is calling for the teaching of Hebrew scripture as she has publicly bemoaned, Jews own everything. Though as outrageous as that was, when she praised slavery, saying,  “And let me say this to you — I thank God for slavery … If it wasn’t for slavery, I might be somewhere in Africa, worshiping a tree,” she really took the "has no business representing anyone in Jacksonville" cake.  

Despite ethics violation after ethics violation, not supporting public schools, anti Semitic and pro slavery comments, Daniels keeps getting elected, though this time she narrowly fended off an 11th hour challenge from former school board member Paula Wright. Had Mrs. Wright resigned to run, something former school board member Jason Fischer did when he first ran for the house, and had more time she could have beaten Daniels. 

Hopefully in two years the residents of Jacksonville's north side will be tired of being represented from an ethically challenged woman, who is okay with ignoring the constitution and who is thankful for slavery, though to be honest I thought her already embarrassing body of work would have been enough. 

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  1. Will Daniels be required to take her own course? She clearly needs it. Instead of wasting students' time Daniels can just google the word hypocrite?