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Monday, January 21, 2019

When bad administrators get promoted up.

Vitti had a thing for former principal Alvin Brennan despite a long history of bullying his staffs. Vitti put him in charge of First Coast high an A school on the rise and Brennan mostly through massive staff defections dropped its performance in no time.

There are at least three administrators that I know of working in the ivory tower that if a teacher would have performed as bad or as unethical as they did when they were principals they would have been out of a job but instead they were promoted down town. While they were principals they held the fate of many teachers in their hands, some had their carers cut short.

This is why the following is so troubling.

From the Sarasota Herald,

 Members claim they were not informed about a state investigation into superintendent Cynthia Saunders
When Cynthia Saunders became Manatee County Schools superintendent last June, the board that elected her was unaware she was under a state investigation for fraud.
Her superior — and longtime friend — never informed them, board members say.
Diana Greene allegedly withheld information in a report from the Office of the Inspector General that concluded Saunders inflated graduation rates by ordering school administrators to creatively re-categorize students who were dropping out so they would not count against the district. Greene also disregarded the OIG’s recommendation that a copy of the investigation be placed in Saunders’ personnel file.
“A lot of people were in the dark,″ said current School Board member and former chairman Scott Hopes.
Hopes, along with board members Dave Miner, Charlie Kennedy, Gina Messenger and former board members John Colon and Karen Carpenter all say the same thing: Greene initially downplayed the accusations against her top deputy and did not update the board on the increasingly consequential investigation, including the OIG’s conclusion that Saunders committed fraud, even as she was being considered for the superintendent position. Ron Ciranna, the former deputy superintendent for operations who sat in on board member briefings, confirmed those accounts.
Greene disputes the accusation, which means somebody is lying. Six school board members or Greene.
Administrators have a way of protecting administrators and often to the detriment of teachers. 
So I don't know who is lying, I do however know there are several former principals working in high paying district jobs that would be unemployed if they did the same thing as teachers.

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