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Wednesday, January 2, 2019

It's time we started calling school choice what it is, and that's privatization.

When governor elect DeSantis, made Richard Corcorran the commissioner of education, he put the fox in charge of the hen house. The rest of the foxes he put on his education advisory commission.

DeSantis didn't enlist mental health, and criminal justice experts, or educators, to help plan the future of education. Instead he turned to charter school, and voucher interests. You know those people not interested in improving education but instead who want to expand their piece of the pie.

Did they discuss poverty, over testing, the teacher shortage, a lack of resources, crumbling schools, mental health or any of the important and relative issues related to education? No. They talked about expanding choice, that was the message they delivered to the public and we can no longer let the word choice go unchallenged, because this isn't about expanding choice, this is about the dismantling and privatization of public education and we need to make sure people know and understand that.

Charters do not keep children with discipline problems, nor to they take many special needs or ESOL students, they council out poor performers as well.  Voucher schools have so little over site you could say they practically have none. They can hire and teach whatever they want.

Everything DeSantis has done has signaled tough times ahead for public education and he uses the word choice as an opiate for the masses, because what could be wrong with choice? Well the answer to that my friends is legion, and lets begin with choice just for choices sake is a bad choice.

We can no longer allow DeSantis and the republicans in Tallahassee to pull the wool over the public's eyes and we must challenge them on every front, we must let them know that their true aim is the dismantling and privatization of education to the detriment of us all.   


  1. Great piece. Anyone who denies that school choice is a euphemism for privatization is either naive or complicit. Let's spread the word.

    1. I agree - excellent article! And Sue is absolutely correct. They are either naive or complicit. Considering it's the same ole people being appointed or people who have no business being on the "transition" team are most assuredly complicit.