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Tuesday, April 23, 2019

DCPS votes to screw teachers and staff

Please forgive my abrupt language but there is no other way to put it.

DCPS has two equal problems, a staff that is underpaid and I am not talking just about teachers but staff as well many who aren't making a living wage and a decaying and aging infrastructure. Our schools are some of the oldest and most dilapidated in the state. Neither of these problems is bigger than the other. They are equally important. Well friends when DCPS proposed a half cent sales tax they told teachers and staff you don't matter. 

A half cent sales tax can do nothing to address teacher and staff salary.

From the Times Union

The ½-cent sales tax — which can only be used to pay for capital improvements — is one of the few funding options available to the district to replace and repair schools.

If the district did a millage increase and I understand that won't raise as much and excludes a large swath of people for an entire city issue, it could address both salary and capital improvements.

Now look I think we need more funding, a lot more, it's a shame how Tallahassee has underfunded education but the city which doesn't levy impact fees also has to bare some of the responsibility.  We are the only big city without an additional revenue stream and it shows, just look at our buildings and Our SALARIES!!! 

I will not support a referendum no matter how much I love and believe in DCPS that leaves teachers and staff out in the cold and that is what the school board is proposing with a half cent sales tax and not a millage increase. We will never achieve our potential as long as we treat the district's teachers as after thoughts.  I had hoped this new board and super realized that.


  1. Once again, you are SPOT ON with your post! NO ONE wants more taxes, especially when we see how money is wasted on coaches and other support positions, inflated salaries for those in the DCPS building, and a school board building located on waterfront property. All of this while filling our classrooms beyond the class size limit, constantly nit-picking teachers, not supporting discipline, and providing some of the lowest salaries in the nation. Thank you for also recognizing our underpaid paras as well!! Raising taxes only adds fuel to the critics of public education who see us as not only incompetent, but wasteful as well. I wonder if part of those taxes will also fund Charter Schools...

  2. I agree. Duval MUST implement impact fees. I can't believe our city leaders have left BILLIONS on the table in a county that has grown SO much in the 25 years I've lived here. A property tax increase is far less regressive than a sales tax increase. I also heard a candidate for property appraiser say that business property owners are favored unfairly with property assessments. He said 90%+ of them get their assessment disputes rolled back, and 90% of private homeowners do not. I would like to know if this is true, and FIX IT if it is true.