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Monday, January 4, 2021

Testing, testing and more testing

If it’s not for graduation, I would urge all parents to opt-out of whatever test the district has planned. There is a raging out of control pandemic going on, and it would be nice if our superintendent and school board acknowledged that and tried to take as much off plates as possible. Though if we are making wishes having a unicorn would be cool too. 

From the Asheville Times, 

With COVID-19 intensifying across North Carolina, many parents are upset their children must soon return to classrooms for testing. 

From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 

Teachers protested the ongoing mandate to administer the Georgia Milestones tests this school year, gathering outside the state Capitol Tuesday to say the pandemic has made it unsafe for teachers and students to linger indoors together during the hours long tests. 

From the Seattle times, 

As Gov. Jay Inslee and state officials look ahead to reopen schools, the Washington Office of Superintendent for Public Instruction (OSPI) has yet to make a determination about how statewide testing will take place this academic year or how results will be used. In this time of uncertainty and unprecedented pressure on educators and students, the state should remove any stakes associated with these standardized tests and consider canceling the test administration all together. 

I could have gone on and on. 

Now here is the thing, the state sucks, Florida does not care about students or staff, and they have proven that repeatedly. The thing is, where is the super and board out explaining how reckless and basically, unnecessary all this testing is? They are nowhere because Greene loves her some testing, and the board, by and large, is feckless and useless, and I would love for them to prove me wrong, and sadly I have been waiting for them to do so for quite some time.

You know what we aren't testing for? Covid 19 even though at places like Regency Mall, they are readily available.  

Friends, can’t we just concentrate on learning… and surviving? 

Sadly, not in Florida and not in DCPS.  

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